Doorbell Wiring Diagram: A Complete Tutorial

Know it All about Doorbell Wiring Diagram

What is a Doorbell?

The doorbell is a device that is used to alert someone. The doorbells are usually placed outside the house beside the door. When someone pays a visit, the tradition is that he will knock on the door, but the era is new so, he would ring a doorbell.

press doorbell

The doorbell button is always beside the door so that the person would press it and the bell would ring inside the house, and it will make the person inside the house alert that someone has come.

The history of the doorbell goes back to 1817 when the Scottish inventor William Murdoch first made the bell that used the piped system of compressed air to function.

doorbell diagram

What is included in a Doorbell?

So, the fundamental question always arises in the mind that what is inside a doorbell? The doorbell consists of three main components: the push button, the chime, and the transformer. And the transformer makes the chime and button connect.

The push-button is always outside the house beside the door and is placed at a height so that everyone can easily press it.

The chime is the main component of the doorbell. When a person outside presses the button, the chime generates the sound. In modern doorbells, the sound tone produced by the chime varies.

The transformer is usually inside the chime-box. It connects the push button and the chime.

The resonators are the flat metal plates placed above and below the chime’s terminal, and they are programmed with a specific tone so the bell will ring that tone.

The solenoid is an electromagnetic device that is also placed inside the chime box.


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How does a Doorbell Work?

When you push the doorbell button, it wakes up the electromagnet that is a solenoid. The solenoid is made up of coils of wire wrapped on a piece of metal. The electricity passes through the solenoid and creates a magnetic field on the wires when you push the button.

The doorbells are very sensitive, which means they require a low voltage to work, and for this purpose, the transformer converts 120-household current to the lower voltage in the range of 6 to 16 volts. The doorbell’s chime makes the magnetic piston hit the tone bars, making the sound of a bell.

How to install or wire a doorbell

It is best to consult an electrician to install or wire a doorbell, but if you don’t have any or want to learn how to install a doorbell, you must follow the below steps carefully.

  • The very first step is to find the best place where you would connect your transformer. Ensure that the place where you will connect your transformer has a continuous power supply and is not interrupted by the switch because when the switch is off, the doorbell will never work.
  • You have to take off the power supply to dodge the power shocks and then take out the green, white, and black wire from the transformer and attach them with the same color wires coming from the power source.
  • Now, you have to search for the best place for uploading your chime or doorbell on the wall, mark that place and drill for screws. Place the chime with toggle screws that come with the doorbell.
  • The last step is to find a suitable place to fix the push button attach the wires from the button terminals to the hard-wired from the transformer, and attack other wires to the chime. From the next available wire, connect the transformer and the chime.

Power on the supply and push the bell button to check.

Doorbell Wiring Diagrams

To understand and make our concepts more transparent, let’s dive into the practical illustrations of the doorbell wiring diagrams.

Single Chime with a Push-button Doorbell

Single Chime with a Push-button Doorbell

This is the simplest form of the doorbell and is easy to understand. It only contains a chime, a push-button, and a transformer. See the hard-wire that is coming from the chime. It is connected to the push-button. The wire from the push button is connected to the one screw-terminal of the transformer, and from the other terminal, the chime is connected. This makes the whole circuit complete.

The Doorbell with two Push-buttons and a Single Chime

The Doorbell with two Push-buttons and a Single Chime

The circuit of a doorbell with the two pushbuttons and a chime is a little complex. So, what is happening here is first, the two push-buttons are connected through a medium, making a single wire, and this wire is connected to the transformer’s first terminal. The two hard wires from the chime are connected to both buttons, and the second terminal of the transformer is connected to the chime.

The Doorbell with two Chimes and a Pushbutton

The Doorbell with two Chimes and a Pushbutton

The doorbell involving the two chimes. If you want to listen to the bell ring in the whole house rather than in one room, you can opt for this bell. The two chimes with their hardwires are connected through the connecting medium, making a single hardwire connected to the pushbutton. The push-button is connected with the first terminal of the transformer. The second terminal of the transformer is connected to both chimes through the connecting medium again.

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Installing and wiring the doorbell is vital because if you want to make it work, use the right way to install it. Wiring it wrong will create problems like it may give electric shocks when you press the push button, short-circuit in the chime or the bell button, or it may not produce the sound.

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