Azure Architecture Diagram: A Complete Tutorial

Know it All about Azure Architecture Diagram

Azure is one of the best cloud computing services that is provided by Microsoft. As the new technologies are coming into the market and firms are adopting to digitize them under the hood infrastructure. They are adopting cloud computing rapidly. With cloud computing they are able to deploy their whole infrastructure on the internet virtually.

Cloud computing is making the firms not care about the servers, storage, databases, data centers, etc., as these service providers are providing them virtually. Firms pay as they get services that mean shifting or migrating to the cloud is the scalable solution.

Azure is also the cloud computing service that allows the developers to build, test, deploy, manage their applications and services virtually through the Microsoft managed datacenters. Microsoft Azure is so scalable, elastic, and efficient that it back many programming languages means you can develop applications in different programming languages and host or deploy them on Microsoft Azure.

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In this article, we will tell you about an Azure architecture diagram, its benefits, some examples, Azure architecture icons, and a lot more.

What is an Azure Architecture Diagram?

Every application requires an architecture diagram whether it is deployed on some cloud service or not. When the application is hosted, deployed, or uses the cloud services then it also requires the architecture diagram related to how the application relates to the cloud.

Azure Diagram

When the application uses Azure services, or is deployed on it then the application diagram depicting the whole deployment in abstract is known as the Azure Architecture diagram. These diagrams are necessary to draw when you decide to use the Azure cloud services.

Benefits of Using Azure Architecture Diagrams

Some of the advantages of using the Azure architecture diagrams are listed below.

Security in mind

Azure architecture diagram lets you develop the application by keeping cybersecurity in mind.

When you have a whole abstract solution in your hand you can easily locate the most vulnerable and risky parts of your applications, and then you keep securing them as you further develop or upgrade the solution.

Compliance purposes

The industrial and regulatory standards are also applied to the cloud service providers to follow the national and international laws. So, to follow the compliance the Azure architecture diagram is drawn.

Troubleshooting, debugging, and patching

The Azure architecture diagram acts as a primary blueprint for your application. The application is developed in the first place by keeping the diagram in mind.

Later, when an issue arises or the application behaves abnormally in the production environment then the diagram helps you to locate the problem quickly and apply patch on it.

Cost optimization

The azure architecture diagram lets you keep track of the services you are using and will require in the future. The cloud providers let you pay for the services that you use. This helps firms to be cost-optimized and efficient.

Azure Architecture Icons

Azure architecture icons are the representation of the services that are provided by Microsoft Azure. These icons help the developers, cloud practitioners, and DevOps teams to communicate, discuss, and understand the whole flow of the application easily and document the application efficiently.

Azure Architecture Icons

Some of the Do’s and Don'ts provided by the Azure documentation for icons are listed below.


  • The icons should depict how the components and products are working together.
  • Also add the product or service name along with the icons.
  • Use the icons that appear in the axis of Azure.


  • The documentation forbids to crop, rotate, or flip the icon.
  • You are not allowed to change the shape of the icon.
  • You are not allowed to use Microsoft product icons to represent your own developed services or products.

Azure Architecture Diagram Examples

You can easily see how the Azure architecture diagram is made and how they represent the particular solution below. It will make your view clearer than what you read above.

Example 1: Azure Batch Architecture Diagram

Azure Batch Architecture Diagram

The illustration represents the Azure Batch architecture. The Azure batch allows you to run computers that require high performance.

The Azure batch lets you do this highly complex and resourceful task efficiently by making the batch of the virtual machines that perform these tasks without requiring any infrastructure.

The azure batch architecture diagram is designed for mapping and locating these virtual machines, and documenting how they communicate and how they are configured.

Example 2: Linux Virtual Desktop Azure Diagram

Linux Virtual Desktop Azure Diagram

Azure virtual Linux desktops are made to perform the tasks that can be efficiently performed by the Linux operating system. The solution that is depicted above on the diagram is also made on the Linux virtual machine deployed on Azure without purchasing any hardware.

Linux Virtual Desktop Azure diagrams are made to design the system or solution that you have a desire to make on Linux and want to deploy on the Azure.

Example 3: Secure Research Environment for Regulated Data

Secure Research Environment for Regulated Data

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The Azure secure research environment for regulated data is designed for the models that are deployed on the Azure to manage and configure data. As depicted above, all the data is getting from the virtual desktop and then traveling to all components and being processed at the same time.

This architecture is designed to model the data factory and other components that will process the data and predict the possibilities with the data. So, mapping them in an architecture diagram is important.


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How to Create an Azure Architecture Diagram?

Step 1: Launch the EdrawMax on the desktop or open EdrawMax Online on the browser. Navigate to [Network] > [Cloud Service] > [Azure].

Open EdrawMax

Click [More Templates] and you will see many Azure diagram templates that are made and published by Edraw and our users. Choose from one of the templates and build a professional Azure diagram.

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Step 2: Click on the icon of [Libraries] on the left of the canvas. The pop-up long menu contains all the preset symbol libraries. Select symbols you need, and you can drag and drop these symbols on the canvas.

Open symbol libraries

Step 3: There are a variety of line styles and theme schema to choose from. Add text to the symbols and customize the font and color.

Edit Template

Step 4: When the Azure diagram is complete, you can export the document in a number of file formats, including Visio, Excel, PDF, Graphics, HTML, SVG, PowerPoint, and Word.

Save and Export the File

EdrawMax supports users to import the Visio files and convert your Visio Azure diagrams in seconds. EdrawMax can be the best Visio alternative you are looking for.

Import Visio files

Why EdrawMax to Draw Your Diagrams?

You can choose EdrawMax to make your charts and diagrams. The EdrawMax is the best software that contains all the necessary features for diagram-making. Some of the main chunks of EdrawMax are:

  • The software has dozens of templates ready to boost your production.
  • The Software has five thousand plus symbols that are industrial compatible and globally accepted and it also includes the Azure icons.
  • EdrawMax works on web-browsers, Linux, mac, windows easily. It is the main advantage of the software.
  • The EdrawMax is developed to compete with Visio files.
  • EdrawMax also has a pricing option for advanced features that is so scalable.


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