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How to draw a project management flowchart? Through pre-made flowchart symbols and workflow clip arts, you can make stunning project management flowchart that vividly illustrate how your business works.

What's the Project Management Flowchart?

Project management refers to the effort of planning, organizing and guiding a targeted project from start to finish. The purpose of project management flowchart is to adequately scope the project process so as to provide an overview on how a new project is started, developed and done.

The following sample flowchart shows how a software company develops a new project.

Project Management Flowchart

The Elements of a Good Project Management Flowchart

To document a successful project management flowchart, you need to consider the following aspects:

  1. Use correct flowchart shapes. Learn the flowchart symbol usage before you start.
  2. Make everything in one page, and try to make it clear, neat and easy to follow.
  3. Make it visually appealing. Try to keep boxes evenly spaced and neatly organized. Use colors to distinguish different processes. Highlight important parts.
  4. Use clip arts in your project flowchart as they can make your flowchart more attractive and easier to understand.

How to Create a Project Management Flowchart

  1. Click "File", from the drop down menu choose Flowchart.
  2. Select symbols from the Flowchart Library on the left, and drag them onto the Edraw page to create a flowchart.
  3. On each symbol you can see four floating buttons for each direction; you can click these floating buttons to add a new shapes.
  4. To replace a shape, click on the "Replace Shape" button under Home menu.
  5. To export the file to other formats, click "Export and Send" button under File menu.

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For beginners, we have more tutorials, such as Learn to Draw Flowchart, and A Video Teaches You How to Make Flowchart.

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