Photosynthesis Diagram – Process of Energy Transformation

The secret of nature

What is Photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis is a process where the living organisms, typically the plants, take in the Sunlight, consume it, process it, and then utilize it as a fuel to function correctly. In other words, the plants use photosynthesis to prepare food for themselves to feed on, where the source of energy remains the light, typically that is emitted from the Sun.

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Why Photosynthesis Is Important

Although primarily used by plants and other herbal organisms, photosynthesis, directly and indirectly, affects all living beings that the planet is populated with. Listed below are some of the major contributions of photosynthesis in maintaining the lifecycle and the environment of Earth:


Photosynthesis is used by plants and trees that further produce oxygen that is vital for all types of lives on the planet.

Carbon Cycle

Since the Sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water are the ingredients of photosynthesis, the well-balanced consumption of all three maintains a decent cycle to keep the Earth, its oceans, and all the other living beings in the right order.


If any of the ingredients discussed above go missing, the life on planet Earth wouldn’t exist. Therefore, photosynthesis, directly and indirectly, plays a major role in keeping all living beings on the planet alive


Photosynthesis works as a primary source of energy that is vital to keep things alive.

How to Create a Photosynthesis Diagram

Creating a photosynthesis diagram is fairly simple and straightforward as long as you understand how the process works. Things become even simpler if you have an efficient and robust tool like EdrawMax to help you out. The step-by-step instructions on how to create a photosynthesis diagram in EdrawMax Online are given below:

Step 1: Download and Install EdrawMax

Launch your favorite web browser, go to and download EdrawMax into your computer. Then install and open EdrawMax.

Step 2: Get to the Biology Category

Ensure that New is selected from the left pane, select Science and Education from the list of categories in the center, and click the Biology tile from the upper area of the right window.

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Step 3: Create Photosynthesis Diagram

Click the Photosynthesis template icon from the right pane to automatically create a new document and add the photosynthesis diagram in the template to it. Alternatively, you can also click the + tile from the right window to create a blank document, and then use the available tools in the symbol library to start drawing your custom illustration from scratch.

photosynthesis template

With all the advanced technologies and the applications that are available these days, it is advisable to use a pre-built template to illustrate any complex process such as that of photosynthesis. Since such diagrams have been created by the professionals who have decades of experience in the industry, you can expect the representations to be detailed and accurate.

Free Photosynthesis Diagram Templates

Photosynthesis can be demonstrated in various ways where each illustration may explain how the process works in different types of organisms, and what impact does it make on the environment. As suggested earlier, rather than drawing a diagram from the start, it is always a good idea to use an existing template that can be downloaded for free from the Internet.

Some decent and informative photosynthesis diagram templates that you can use for both educational and research purposes are listed below:

1. A Tree

The template illustrates how photosynthesis works in the trees. Although entirely customizable, this photosynthesis diagram shows the input ingredients and what the trees produce after photosynthesis is done.

photosynthesis template

Click here to download, edit, and print this template right now.

2. Leaf

This template illustrates how photosynthesis works in a leaf. The diagram shows how a leaf takes in carbon dioxide, light, and water, and emits sugar and oxygen that are the essential elements for life.

photosynthesis template

Click here to download, edit, and print this template right now.

3. Photosynthesis and Animals

This illustrative template shows how plants are helpful in maintaining proper balance between all kinds of lives on the planet. The image explains how the animals take in oxygen the plants generate, and how all the ingredients work together to keep the plants alive so the animals can feed themselves.

photosynthesis template

Click here to download, edit, and print this template right now.

4. Photosynthesis and Respiration

This one explains how a leaf uses the required ingredients, i.e. the light, carbon dioxide, and water, does photosynthesis, and then emits the element vital for respiration for every life on the planet, i.e. oxygen.

photosynthesis template

Click here to download, edit, and print this template right now.

5. Photosynthesis for Kids

This template is primarily prepared for kids to make them understand how the entire process works. The photosynthesis diagram is well-labelled, and clearly illustrates everything in a colorful manner that makes it both attractive and informative.

photosynthesis template

Although the process of photosynthesis is extremely complex when it comes to understanding it for research purposes, the basic methodology can be easily explained with simple diagrams and the way the objects in it are labelled. In a nutshell, how plants take in natural resources like light, carbon dioxide, and water, and produce oxygen, sugar, and other elements that are important for life is what photosynthesis is all about.

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