Matrix Organizational Chart

The matrix organizational chart is one of the most popular and complicated org charts. It's usually used to illustrate the matrix organizational structures in the large-scale companies.

To some extent, the matrix organizational structure is a combination of two or more types of basic organizational structures. Apart from hierachy, the employees develop their own projects and organize a team to work on them, so the workers uauslly have to report their work to two supervisors -- the functional manager and the project manager.

Matrix Organizational Chart

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The matrix organizational chart is more complex than other basic organizational charts, such as functional organizational chart, divisional organizational chart and hierarchical organizational chart. Using a matrix organizational structure can be of great help. And one of the reasons is that the communication is very open and convenient in the such structure so that the knowledge and skills can be shared widely with less barriers and mutual cooperation is also promoted among the employees.

However, since a team menber needs to be subject to two managers -- the functional manager and the project manager, there might be some unavoidable conflicts between these two managers which will lead to unfavorable impacts on the team.

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