Allison Lynch

Allison Lynch


Allison Lynch

  • Edraw team’s Chief Editor since 2014
  • Interested in cool gadgets and solving diagramming problems
  • Over 15 years of experience in writing technical essays, having written countless reviews, tutorials and blogs about creating all kinds of diagrams
  • Loves hiking and playing hockey

Experience & Education


Allison is one of the most talented writers & editors in Edraw who can give solutions to any diagrams. Due to her strong interest in information visualization, she believes this trend will revolutionize the way people live and work.


After graduating from high school in Baltimore, Maryland, Allison went to Georgia Institute of Technology and got her bachelor’s degree in sociology. During her college time, she found herself very interested in software and cool gadgets. After spending a gap year in New Zealand to get closer to nature, she went back to America to start her career as a freelance journalism.


As a chief editor of Edraw, Allison’s writings are involved in nearly every type of diagrams ranging from the flowchart, complicated mind maps and well-organized Gantt charts to attractive infographics, organizational charts, and software architecture diagrams. Her strong curiosity makes her crave for knowledge so that she often has critical insights about various types of diagrams.


Allison usually says, “Nature gives me inspiration.” That’s why she loves hiking and playing hockey with friends. She believes in non-marriage doctrine and lives with a clever Labrador.