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How to Draw a Concept Map

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
A simple tutorial helps you learn how to draw a Concept Map and increase you possibilities of understanding and work more effective with our Concept Mapping Software.

You can use the Concept Map shapes in Edraw max to draw a concept map and give business participants the ability to understand the relationships among the concepts using a graphical notation.

Start concept map

Edraw will create a new document and open the necessary Shapes in the left library panel.

Drag the built-in concept map shapes from Concept Map Shapes library panel to start your concept mapping.

add concept

Then you can double click the shape to edit the topic.

concept mapping add relationship

To add the relationship, you need to switch to the Line tool. Then point the cursor at any connection point of the concept shape. The connection point will be highlighted red.

To glue an endpoint of the connector to a connection point on a shape, drag the endpoint to one of the shape's connection points until a red box appears around the connection point.

How to Draw an Effective Concept Map

  1. Print in capitals, for ease of reading. This will also encourage you to keep the points brief.
  2. Use unlined paper, since the presence of lines on paper may hinder the non-linear process of Mapping. If you must use lined paper, turn it so the lines are vertical.
  3. Use paper with no previous writing on it.
  4. Connect all words or phrases or lists with lines, to the centre or to other "branches." When you get a new idea, start again with a new "spoke" from the center.
  5. Go quickly, without pausing -- try to keep up with the flow of ideas. Do not stop to decide where something should go to order or organize material -- just get it down. Ordering and analyzing are "linear" activities and will disrupt the Mapping process.
  6. Write down everything you can think of without judging or editing -- these activates will also disrupt the Mapping process.
  7. If you come to a standstill, look over what you have done to see if you have left anything out.
  8. You may want to use color-coding, to group sections of the Map.

Concept Map Examples

The following two examples are included in the Edraw Max software package.

concept map template

concept map

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