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Posted by James Freeman | 02/22/2022

Part 1: What is Concept Map?

Concept maps are used to illustrate relationships between different concepts. Concepts are hierarchically arranged in boxes or ovals, with the main concept situated at the top of the diagram. Lines are used to join the concepts together, thus indicating a relationship between them. These lines are labelled with phases including "causes", "includes", and "requires" to expand on the relationship.

Concept maps are commonly used in education to enable students to better understand the relationship between different concepts. Its visual format encourages students to engage analytically with the material, and also facilates brainstorming.

Part 2: How to Make a Concept Map Effortlessly?

An effective concept map should be organized and clear, which can classify and present ideas in an easy to understand way. Do you want to make a concept map effortlessly? Your wisest choice is to use a user-friendly software EdrawMax.

Before you begin to create your own concept map, you can read this guide to learn more about our Concept Mapping Software.

Step 1: Start EdrawMax.

Step 2: Navigate to [New]>[Mind Map]>[Concept Map]

open concept map template category

Step 3: Select one concept map template to edit on it or click the [+] sign to start from scratch.

make concept map in EdrawMax

Step 4: You can export the file to Graphics, PDF, editable MS Office file, SVG and Visio vsdx file.

save or export concept map

Step 5: And you can share your diagram with others via social media and online website page.

make concept map in EdrawMax


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Part 3: How to Make a Stunning Concept Map with MindMaster?

Watch this video to learn more. If the video doesn't play, please visit it at YouTube.

Part 4: Tips for Creating an Amazing Concept Map

  1. Use unlined paper, since the presence of lines on paper may hinder the non-linear process of Mapping. If you have to use lined paper, please roate it 90 degrees to make the lines vertical.
  2. Use blank paper.
  3. Connect all words or phrases or lists with lines, to the centre or to other "branches." When you have a new idea, start with a new "spoke" from the center.
  4. Go quickly, without pausing. It aims at catching up with the flow of ideas. Do not stop to decide where something should go to order or organize material -- just get it down. Ordering and analyzing are "linear" activities and will disrupt the Mapping process.
  5. Write down everything you can think of without judging or editing because judging and editing will disrupt the Mapping process.
  6. If you come to a standstill, you can look over what you have done to make sure nothing is missed.
  7. You can use color-coding to group sections of the Map.

Part 5: Concept Map Examples

Example 1: Policy Concept Map

Learn more about IT Governance policy by checking out the free concept map. This mind map shows how an IT governance policy is categorized into eight parts: access management, incident response, asset management, business continuity, vendor management, security standards, awareness, and risk management.

concept map example 1

Example 2: Concept Map About Pricing Model

Learn about a business’ pricing model using a concept map where five different dimensions are incorporated. With the help of pricing & positioning strategy, offers, segmentation, channel discount structure, and customer’s voice, one can easily understand the pricing model.

concept map example 2


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Part 6: Conclusion

According to this article, there are mainly five parts to illustrate what is concept map, to tell you how to create a concept map with EdrawMax, to tell you how to create a concept map with MindMaster, to give you some tips about creating concept maps, and to show you some concept map examples.

EdrawMax is an easiest all-in-one diagramming tool, you can create concept maps and any other type diagrams with ease! With ready-made concept map symbols and cliparts, making concept maps could be as simple as possible. Also, it supports to export your work in multiple formats and share your work with others. Get started to create your concept maps now!

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