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In Edraw, you can use the Gantt Chart Wizard to import the data stored in Excel, CSV, TXT files and generate a Gantt chart quickly.
Creating Gantt Chart From Data

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Before you can use the data to create a Gantt chart, you need to know the file format required by the Gantt Chart wizard. Conveniently, the Gantt Chart Wizard has an export option so you can use it, along with the generic Gantt chart you created above, to generate an Excel file. You can then delete the data from the Excel file and replace it with your own.
Step 1: Create a New Gantt Chart Document

With Edraw running, use the appropriate selection from File menu:
File>New>Project Management>Gantt Chart

Create Gantt Chart
When the new Gantt Chart document opens, you can drag a Gantt chart template from the library panel. The Gantt Chart Options dialog show below.

Gantt Chart Options

Click OK to accept the default parameters and create a Gantt Chart that looks like this:

default type of gantt

To create an export file, select Export Data... from Gantt Chart menu. The resulting file will look something like this (there are many more columns to the right):

excel data

Step 2: Manually Create a Gantt Chart from an Excel File

Select Import Data... from the Gantt Chart menu. Step through the sequence of dialogs shown below..

Locate your Excel file, then click Next.

After you click Finish in the final dialog, the wizard will create a new page and insert a Gantt chart in it.
Step 3: Customize Gantt Chart

For advanced customizations, on Gantt Chart tab, you will find different groups for setting up the tasks and manage data.

customize gantt chart
Add More Tasks to the Gantt Chart

Select the Gantt chart then click the Insert New Task button in the menu.

Edit Task Name

Double click the text in the Gantt chart, then type the text.

Add Milestones to the Gantt Chart

You can change a task into a milestone by setting its duration to 0. Similarly, you can change a milestone into a task by setting the duration to a positive number.

Create Dependencies Between Tasks in the Gantt Chart

First, click to select the task bar or milestone you want to link from, and drag the mouse to the dependent task or milestone.

Create Dependencies

Or press Ctrl and click to select the dependent task or milestone (Click the white region in the row). Right-click one of the shapes, and then click Link Tasks.

select the dependent task

Adjust the Task Bar

You can also change a duration by selecting the task bar, and then dragging the selection handle on the right end of the task bar until it aligns with a new end date on the timescale.

Adjust the Task Bar

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