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Create Fire Escape Plan for Word

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Posted by James Freeman | 02/21/2022
Create professional-looking fire escape plan for Word and share with others easily. This page teaches you how to make fire escape diagram with simple steps and export to Microsoft Word in high quality.

Can Fire Escape Plan Be Created in Word?

Fire escape plan cannot be created in Word directly. Word does greatly in text processing, but it's clumsy to draw complicated diagrams. It's better to use a fire escape diagram software which contains fire escape symbols and has the ability to export to Word format.

Fire Escape Plan Word

Use Easy Software to Create Fire Escape Diagram and Save in Word Format

Edraw floor plan software lets users make building plans and add the escape routes and equipment on it with a fast method. It has the full set of fire escape plan symbols and dozens of templates to start with. The drag-and-drop and auto alignment features make diagram designing fast and simple. You don't have to be professional in drawing and no learning curved is needed. With a few simple steps a fire escape plan can be finished.

Draw Fire Evacuation Plan

Download Fire Escape Diagram Software and Try Awesome Features:

When everything is complete, a single click can help you save the document in Word format.

The program is highly compatible with Word. When you export the fire escape diagram to Word, the shapes and text remains in vector format, so it won't go blur when you change the size. It's still editable if other's want to modify some parts.

Export Fire Escape Plan to Word

The exported fire escape diagram is still editable.

Fire Escape Plan Editable in Word

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