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Cause and effect diagrams can be applied to facilitate education for its clear visualization and organization. Easily create cause and effect diagrams about education problems in minutes. Some ready-made examples are available for free download.

Cause and Effect Diagram for Education

Diagram-based technique is quite effective to promote learning for visual learners. When it comes to problem analysis and problem solving, cause and effect diagram is absolutely useful. It can be combined with brainstorming to boost students' creative thinking.

Edraw is amazing in this field. When students are brainstorming, Edraw helps you visualize their ideas clearly and logically as soon as possible. It has prepared all necessary elements in advance so that users just need to drag and drop shapes and then input their thoughts directly. There is no need of drawing. It's that simple. Here are some ready-to-use templates about education. Download them by clicking relevant picture (both editable and PDF formats are available).

Cause and effect Diagram - Academic Record

Academic Record Fishbone

This diagram is about factors that will affect academic record. To be more specific, students should apply an all-round way to improve their performance in study. Learn more details in article: Cause and Effect Diagram: Improve Academic Record.

Cause and effect Diagram - Reading Interests

Reading Interest Fishbone

This cause and effect diagram focuses on why children are lack of reading interests. Learn to foster your children's reading comprehension in this article: Lack of Reading Interest Fishbone Diagram. Such a template is organized and aesthetically appealing. You can also create diagrams like these quickly and easily. Just refer to Make a Fishbone Diagram for detailed guide.

Discover why Edraw is an excellent program to create cause and effect diagram. Try Edraw FREE.

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