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Analyze what factors are related with academic record through a cause and effect diagram. In this way, you can find an all-round way to improve your study.

How to Improve Academic Record

It is claimed by university of California that not everyone who ends up with a Ph.D. starts out as a straight-A student. There are many things you can do to improve your learning instead of just complaining your IQ. Firstly, let's have a look at what are the factors that will affect your performance.

Academic Record Fishbone

From the above diagram, we can learn that the academic records are not only affected by intelligence but also other things, mainly including the learners' ability, strategies, non-intelligence factors (internal causes) as well as teaching, instruction and influence from teachers, parents and friends (external causes). The EQ, interests, strategies and parents are all highlighted in the diagram, indicating these are crucial for one's academic improvement.

First and foremost, develop the right attitude, and the aptitude will follow. Understand that learning is everybody's responsibility through which one can acquire knowledge, develop skill to find a job and even gain spiritual fulfillment.

Secondly, analyze the effective strategies and avoid bad habits related to your learning.

If you are a university student, choose the major that you are most interested in. Interest is the biggest motivation. Get to know your instructors. Use free meal vouchers provided by the Dine-with-a-Prof program to have lunch and conversation with your professor at the Faculty Club. If teachers in school are not so suitable for you, hire a private tutor.

Parents should communicate with children more often. A good parent-child relationship can provide mental health, motivation and promotion to children's study.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, avoid smoking and drinking, and make time for yourself and friends. Consider choosing a study partner for each of your classes.

Raise your EQ so that you can stay optimistic, relaxed and energetic. Pay attention to psychology health, relate with others, work as a team and learn to control your emotion.

More Fishbone Diagram Templates

Market Cause Effect Diagram

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Fishbone Shape

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