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Learn the significance of reading. Analyze factors affecting reading interests through a fishbone diagram and then find out solutions to improve reading interests.

Significance of Reading

Gorky said, "Books are the ladder of human progress." Generally speaking, reading is not only crucial for a person's self-cultivation, but also an essential way for people to mold themselves, perfect their characters, elevate their minds, and gain wisdom. In terms of learning and education, the ability to read is so important because it is a crucial step in improving language skills.


Causes and Solutions of Students' Lack of Reading Interests

The reality is that many students lack reading interests nowadays. Here is an effective way to analyze this problem, fishbone diagram.There are several matters that affect students' reading interests. Based on these factors, the solutions to improve children's reading interests can be figured out more easily.

Reading Interest Fishbone

1. Causes: From the perspective of students themselves, their laziness, language ability, motivation and health status and so on may affect their desire to read. Sometimes, it is just because of the attention-deficit disorder.

Solutions: Have health exam regularly to eliminate physical hinder. Help children learn the significance of reading so that they can gain motivation. You can offer some awards to boost their interest and help them overcome laziness. Start from simple and funny materials firstly. The more they read, the funnier they will feel.

2. Causes: Family is doubtlessly an important factor. If parents are not well-educated they may ignore the significance of reading and learning. Most of the time, families are too busy to care about this issue, as a result, they may have never bought any reading material. If the house location is far away from library, it is also disadvantageous.

Solutions: Obviously, the first step is to buy more books. To be cost-effective, go to second-hand store or borrow books from library more often.

3. Causes: In terms of external factors, school must also be considered. Teachers' poor tutoring, insufficient book volume in school and class library, bad library facilities and atmosphere are all harmful for students' reading practice.

Solutions: Increase book volume as well as variety, enhance library equipment, organize reading competition and build incentive system. Developing a beneficial reading atmosphere is essential since students are easily influenced by classmates or schoolmates.

4. Causes: Social environment exerts a leavening influence on students. The Internet and digital technology facilitate education to the largest degree but it also poses serious threats, such as the Internet and computer games addiction, TV and comic books distraction. Some student may even play their smartphones in classes.

Solutions: Parents restrain children from spending too much time online by organizing outdoor activities. Cultivate children's reading habit since childhood. Student themselves should learn to alter learning with playing.

From the above analysis we can see that, the more reasons we have found out, the more solutions can be sought. This is exactly why we need to carry out cause and effect analysis.

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