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6M Method for Cause and Effect Analysis

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 11/06/2019
The 6M method is widely used in cause and effect analysis and proved to be effective. See a cause and effect diagram example about how to apply this method.

6M Method for Cause and Effect Analysis

It is recommended to categorize factors in cause and effect analysis so that readers can understand them better. During the discussion and draft phases of cause and effect analysis, the 6M method can be applied. The 6M stands for manpower, machinery, materials, methods, measurement and mother-nature. Below is the detailed illustration of the method.

1. Manpower. Whether the personnel's technology proficiency and experience are up to standard? Does the staff have quality consciousness, sense of responsibility and disciplines?

2. Machinery. Check the facilities' stability, functionality, such as the GPS device's precision and the cooling and lubrication state of equipment. If the machinery is rusting or eroding, the production efficiency may decrease. Find out solutions to regularly maintain and repair equipment.

3. Materials. Think about the materials' components, physical and chemical properties. Examine whether different parts match well. Are the material suppliers stable or not?

4. Method. To be more specific, the methodology, methods or techniques will affect the action's result. Other factors concerned are workflow, choice of technical parameters, technical guidance and the preciseness and execution of workflow.

5. Mother-nature. In plain English, the environment in production field, including temperature, humidity, noise disturbance, vibrancy, lightening, and indoor pollution will all influence the products or service.

6. Measurement. When it comes to measurement, the following factors need to be considered for correct results: measurement gauge, measurement method, calibration, measurer's fatigue, and readability of the results.

Cause and Effect Diagram Example

Here is an Ishikawa diagram about the causes of lab result delay. The reasons are categorized in the 6M method. You can download and use it directly.

Result Delay Fishbone

This template is characterized by:

  1. Perfect layout with branches paralleled.
  2. Attached and movable text boxes enable easy information input and edition.
  3. Easy adding and deleting of branches for the attached connection points.
  4. Instant change of theme through which color, line and fill styles can all be enhanced with 1 click.
  5. Beautiful backgrounds are available, allowing quick and easy background change. Users just need to drag the predefined background out.

Cause and Effect Diagram Software

The above example is created by Edraw - an easy-to-use cause and effect diagram maker. It offers an easy way to generate fishbone diagrams to systematically review factors that affect or contribute to a given problem or effect. Simply open a template and add shapes from the library. The software is also accompanied with a set of editing tools for resizing, rotating, grouping, alignment and distribution, which greatly simplify the drawing process. Flexible and interactive presentation can be gained aided by the function supporting modification in full screen mode.

More Cause and Effect Diagram Examples

Resign Fishbone Diagram

This is an example about the causes for employee resign. All the reasons are divided into two parts with a cross-functional shape: reasons from the perspective of employer and reasons from the perspective of employee.

Academic Record Fishbone

The title of this template is highlighted by Vector text, which can be adjusted just like other Edraw shapes. A fish frame shape is used to surround all causes, making the diagram more vivid.

Low Satisfaction Fishbone

This is a relatively simpler fishbone diagram with limited number of causes. Thus, its layout is easy, locating all reasons on the left of the category shape, looking neat and organized.

Market Fishbone Root Cause Analysis Bad Tea Fishbone
Market Fishbone Root Cause Analysis Bad Tea Fishbone
Reading Interest Fishbone Fishbone Guide Healthy Life Fishbone
Reading Interest Fishbone Fishbone Guide Healthy Life Fishbone

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