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Visual learners can benefit a lot from flowcharts for its ease of understanding. They can also remember and master knowledge and skills faster aided by flowcharts.

Types of Learner

Although it's possible that you learn through a combination of styles, most people belong to one of three major categories: auditory, visual or kinesthetic (also called tactile or physical) learner.

Auditory Learners

Auditory learners tend to benefit most from traditional teaching methods. They speak slowly and tend to be natural listeners. Many teachers use a lecture-style forum, presenting information by talking to their students. Regulating voice tone, inflection, and body language will help all students maintain interest and attention. They learn by listening and verbalizing. Auditory learners account for about 30% of the population.

Visual Learners

Some learners rely on a visual learning style: "Show me and I'll understand." That is to say they learn by seeing and visualizing. Visual learners prefer learning materials like diagrams, charts, pictures, videos, and written directions. They will benefit from to-do lists, assignment logs, and written notes. Many of these techniques, however, also benefit kinesthetic learners. Visual learners make up about 65% of the population.

Kinesthetic Learners

Kinesthetic learners naturally prefer these means: touching, feeling, experiencing the material at hand. A tactile learner likes "to do" and often has a hard time sitting still for long periods of time. They learn by doing and solving real-life problems. They excel through hands-on approaches and learn through trial and error. Kinesthetic learners make up only 5% of the population.

Determine What Learner Type You Are through a Flowchart

You can identify your predominant learning style from daily living or learning habits. For example, a visual learner might remember best the face of a person he just met , and an auditory learner might remember the person's name. A tactile learner, on the other hand, might remember past events associated with people. To determine your learning style simply, see the following flowchart.

Leaner Types

Amazing Flowcharts for Visual Learners

Visual learners thrive on learning tools that allow them to picture, diagram, design, visualize and highlight words and concepts. Edraw is definitely a perfect tool for visual learners. Since most people belong to this group, Edraw flowcharts will benefit a large amount of learners. Highlight flowcharts can also be created easily in Edraw. From now on, visual learners can visualize information for themselves extremely easily. Furthermore, you don't need to empty your wallet for this capable tool; it is affordable for most people. Students can get discount. See what you can gain from Edraw below.

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Flowchart examples and symbols to visualize ideas with amazing ease.

Flow Chart workflow diagrams business process flowchart
Basic Flowchart Workflow Diagram Process Flowchart

Draw Flowcharts Effortlessly on Your Own

Edraw offers many ready-made flowchart templates so that anyone can make professional-looking flowcharts effortlessly in an instant. If you want to make it your way, Edraw also offers amazing shapes and functionalities allowing both personality and productivity. These shapes are smart, editable and vector. Connecting shapes is also quite easy with dynamic connectors. Learn How to Draw a Flowchart here.

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