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Some nice tree charts on English to make learning easy and happy. Great for independent study or revision. Make more tree charts rapidly with advanced tree chart maker, taking only 5 minutes.

Benefits of Tree Charts

Aided by some visualized tree charts, teachers can bring students' talent to best use. Use some tree charts for independent learning or revision to bring your English off to a new level.

Tree Chart Examples on Learning English

Tree Chart Example 1: Morphology

Morphology Tree Chart

This one is about morphology. Download it for direct use. You can also edit it such as change the connector style, add fill to the shapes, or change the colors of text.

Tree Chart Example 2: Syntax

Syntax Tree Chart

Syntax knowledge is presented in this tree chart neatly, beautifully and clearly. Students will be more engaged and interested in the classes with striking infographics.

Tree Chart Example 3: Verb

Verb Tree Chart

The above tree chart focuses on more details of verb. It is laid out from top to down. Each branch's arrangement can be edited separately.

Tree Chart Example 3: Past Simple Vs. Past Continuous

Click here to see more English learning skills.

Tense Comparison Mindmap

This tree chart compares past simple and past continuous clearly, quite beneficial for visual learners.

Use Automatic Software to Create Tree Charts

Tree Chart Maker

Edraw is dedicated to serving users with the an easy-to-use software and extensive resources, including thousands of symbols and hundreds of templates. With it, both students and teachers can draw stunning tree charts easily in minutes. The built-in backgrounds and clipart will help beautify charts instantly.

Make Tree Charts Effortlessly from Ready-made Templates

The fastest and easiest way to make tree charts is to get started form editable templates. Any Edraw user can download the above examples, replace the content, delete the unnecessary shapes, select a suitable layout style and done. No need to connect, align or resize shapes, easy and funny. Follow these instructions to modify a template.

  • Double click the shape to replace text. The shape adjusts its size automatically according to contents.
  • To add a sub-level shape to one shape, hove the cursor over it to show the floating action button and then click the button.
  • To delete a shape, click on it and press Delete key. When a shape is selected, a red box shows around it.
  • To change layout, go to Mind Map menu, choose the suitable style. Right after the selection, the shapes will be re-arranged instantly, perfectly aligned and spaced. The whole process takes only seconds. Learn more details in Make Tree Chart Extremely Quickly.
  • Connection Style Layout Style

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