What is a Mood Board?

Know it All about Mood Boards

What is a Mood Board?

A mood board is typically a visual representation of your thoughts, ideas, and perceptions. Basically, it can consist of texts, images, snippets, and objects to convey a meaningful idea to someone.

It is also called a “collage,” which means a combination of pictures and texts that tell you something about a particular theme. Likewise, mood boards can be based on one or several themes, ideas, and topics.

The primary purpose of a mood board is to communicate specific feelings, thoughts, or ideas for which it has been created. Hence, mood boards help you create and polish your ideas.

You can even simulate mood boards via any software. In addition to this, a mood board could be physical and virtual. For example, you can create a mood board of whatever is going in your mind to preserve your valuable ideas, thoughts, or feelings.

Five Reasons to Create a Mood Board

A mood board (commonly known as an inspiration board) is a powerful yet effective way of communicating your ideas, thoughts, and perceptions via images and texts. Here are the 5 reasons to create mood boards.

It helps you determine the basics and set a foundation.

Before starting your project, jotting down whatever is in your mind in a mood board can help you set a foundation and develop the basics to determine the results. Creating a mood board solely for creative projects is not its primary purpose. Businesses can also develop a mood board for competitor analysis to highlight and emphasize competitors' value addition and products.

It helps you identify the vision.

Starting a project with an unblemished vision in mind can help you achieve the desired outcomes. Thus, creating a mood board and hanging it somewhere where you can quickly look at it can help you remember the project's vision.

It helps you explain the project step by step.

Instead of verbally communicating your ideas ad infinitum, you can use a mood board to present your project's essence step by step visually. Mentioning the result of each step can help your team deliver precisely how it has been visually represented.

It helps in coordination with clients.

You can easily score a client by providing him precisely what he wants, and a mood board can help you in this regard. Matching your preferences with clients is what helps you score a potential client. Hence, creating a mood board and your client can help you discuss and improve ideas on the spot.

It helps in easy collaboration.

A single picture can convey a thousand words, which is exactly what the mood board helps you with. You can add vibrant, well-defined, and distinct pictures to demonstrate your ideas and concepts. Needless to say, the clear-cut way of explaining something accurately is to use visual examples. Thus, you can collaborate with your team and explain what and how you want a project to look like.

How to Make a Mood Board?

Creating a visually appealing and artistic mood board can help you attract potential clients. Scoring a client could be trickier; however, learning how to create an aesthetic mood board can help you deal with your clients.

Step 01: Set the Basis and Direction of your Project

With a broad mind having an ocean of ideas, explore and then finally set the direction of your project. Give it an artistic name and start adding texts and images where necessary. Make sure to fix it as an inspiration and guide to your project.

Step 02: Collect the Relevant Material – Give your Idea some Motion and Sound

After setting a particular direction, add whatever is in your mind. It could be images, content, videos, logos, taglines, jingles, and everything relevant to the project. Make sure to add something about the outcome as well. This will help you keep going and be on track till the desired result is achieved.

Step 03: Shape your Mood Board

After collecting and adding all the relevant material, organize it to create an overall aesthetic composition. Arrange your ideas in a way that communicates the step-by-step progression of a project.

Step 04: Put your Ideas in Plain Words

You can also add sticky notes wherever necessary. These notes should clarify your ideas and thoughts and provide extra details about your project.

Step 05: Collaborate with Your Teammates and Ask for Ideas

Collaborating with your teammates and having their thoughts and ideas can help you improve your mood board. Composing different ideas can help with creating an aesthetic yet visually appealing mood board.

Mood Board Templates

To give you an overall idea about mood boards and their templates, we have added some visually appealing templates for different niches where they could play their part.

Aesthetic Mood Board

Look at the template above that has given the essence of the city -Venice in pictures without using the text. Yet, without any verbal explanation, the mood board still displays Venice's beauty and specialty to attract tourists.

Aesthetic Mood Board

Interior Design Mood Board

In the template above, the creator has given the overall picture of the home that would look like after the renovation. In a single picture, the creator has displayed how he would be designing the house and what he will be using to beautify the place.

Interior Design Mood Board

Fashion Mood Board

In the mood board template above, everything that is in trend nowadays has been composed.

Fashion Mood Board

Brand Mood Board

The brand has presented its product portfolio in the picture above.

Brand Mood Board

Pink Mood Board – Color Mood Board

If you do social media marketing for SMEs, add vibrant colors to your mood board to attract prospects. Since a visually appealing mood board helps attract people, therefore, to capture their attention, a mood board with vibrant colors can make it look cool.

Pink Mood Board

Photography Mood Board

In the mood board template above, the photographer has displayed different beautiful yet aesthetic photographs of a particular event. The photographer has preserved memories of a lovely couple and their intimate moments in a single picture to cherish forever.

Photography Mood Board

Wrapping Up the Article!

In a nutshell, a mood board is an effective visual tool that one can use to elucidate the clients and communicate one's ideas, feelings, and thoughts. A mood board is being widely used in architecture, interior designing, graphic designing, and fashion. Hence, using a mood board can help you be more creative.

You can find various tools on the internet. However, EdrawMax is the best tool that is user-friendly and contains thousands of templates, images, and aesthetic pictures that you can use to create your mood board. With EdrawMax, you can be more creative and open to new ideas since it is widely being used amongst graphic, fashion, and interior designers in their respective fields.

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