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DRIVE stands for Define, Review, Identify, Verify and Execute. It is a simple and useful technique for problem solving and analysis that can be used to boost process improvement.

Overview of Drive Method

DRIVE is a commonly used tool and approach in process improvement. This approach helps us analyze the problem from different angles. Its meaning is as follows:


Define the scope of the problem and the criteria by which success will be measured and agree on the deliverables and the success factors.


Review the current situation, understand the background, identify and collect information, include performance metrics, identify problem areas, improvements, and "low-hanging fruits."


Identify improvements or solutions for the problem as well as necessary changes to gain and sustain the improvements.


Verify that the improvements will bring about benefits that meet the defined success criteria, prioritise and pilot the improvements.


Execute the implementation of the solutions and improvements; plan a review; gather feedback and review.

DRIVE Approach Circular Diagram

DRIVE Approach

More Process Improvement Methodologies

There are a lot more methods for process improvement besides DRIVE. See the following list:

  1. Process mapping
  2. Process flowcharting
  3. Force field analysis
  4. Cause & effect diagrams
  5. CEDA
  6. Brainstorming
  7. Pareto analysis
  8. Statistical process control (SPC)
  9. Control charts
  10. Check sheets
  11. Bar charts
  12. Scatter diagrams
  13. Matrix analysis
  14. Dot plot or tally chart
  15. Histograms
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