Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram: A Complete Tutorial

Know it All about Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram

What is a Ceiling Fan?

The ceiling fan is the best mechanical invention that makes people cool physically. It was invented in late 1800. The fan is mounted on the ceiling, and it uses three rotating blades that rotate by the power of an electric motor covered with the metal sheet. And that is why it is known as the ceiling fan.

These fans are less efficient than the air conditions, the invention of this century because these fans are not made to cool down the temperature or humidity, but they just make your sweat go away and make you feel a little cool. The ceiling fan uses electricity to operate. The weather experts suggest using these fans in the cold seasons because they create warm air in the room.

ceiling fan

What includes in a Ceiling Fan?

Well, the basic structure of the ceiling fan goes this way. The fan consists of a motor casing, a housing, a fixed disc, multiple vanes, and a down-rod. The central part that is the electric motor is housed in a housing case and resides in a motor casing. There are multiple holes at the bottom side of the motor casing, and the vanes are attached to the motor casing with some iron casing. The down rod is attached with the mounting device at the top of the motor casing.

What includes in a Ceiling Fan?


What do the colors of wire mean in a ceiling fan?

Fans come in different shapes and sizes, and so their wiring is also varying, but here we are talking about the ceiling fan and its wires that are mainly four and contain the following colors.

  • White Wire: The white wire is called the neutral wire. When the fan is uploaded to the ceiling, this wire is connected to the Earth ground so, this means that this wire completes the fan’s circuit.
  • Black Wire: The black wire is the primary wire of the fan. The function of this wire is to provide current from the switch to the electric motor of the fan. This wire is also known as the hot wire.
  • Red Wire: This wire is also the primary wire of the fan as this wire gives a separate switch for both light and fan. Simply connect the black wire with the electric motor and take out the red wire if your fan doesn’t have any lighting fixture.
  • Green Wire: This wire is critical as this wire saves the fan from having power swells. This wire is also called the ground wire.

wires in ceiling fan


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How does a Ceiling Fan Work?

The central concept behind the working of the ceiling fan is that it converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. What happens is that when the capacitor inside the fan makes the fan start, the current passes to the electric motor, and inside this motor are the coils of copper wire. When the current reaches here, it starts producing the magnetic field that makes the fan rotate quickly in the clock-wire direction.

But how the fan cools us?

Remember the concept? The warm air is the light air and always goes upwards, and the cold air is heavy, so it always comes down. The fan makes this process consistent and quick. What the fan does is it attracts the warm air towards itself, where its blades cut that warm air and push the cold air down.

how fan works


How to wire a ceiling fan?

For wiring a ceiling fan, the best practice is to consult the electrician if it is not available. You should carefully follow the below steps. As for the difficulty, it may be difficult or maybe not, depending on how the steps you are following, when you are about to start account yourself that you contain the right tools with yourself.

Here we will tell you how to wire a ceiling fan controlled by the dimmer or a switch.

  • The very step is to study the white, green, red and, black wire of the ceiling fan and their functions. Without this knowledge, you will never be able to wire a fan by yourself. The color scheme of the ceiling fan is mentioned above.
  • Now, take the white wire and connect it with the ceiling wire.
  • Take the green wire of the fan and attach it with the ground wire coming from the switchboard.
  • Now, you have to take the neutral black wire from the fan and connect it to the neutral black wire of the mainboard.
  • Take the primary wire that is red. In the switch and dimmer system, the red wire is connected to both the switch and dimmer. Connect this red wire with the red wire in the fan.
  • Now, put all the connected wires back in the housing.
  • Power ON the switch.

wire a ceiling fan


Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagrams

Our concepts become more concrete when we see the practical illustrations of what we studied. So here, we will show you the three commonly used ceiling fan wiring diagrams that will make you quickly understand the bits and bytes of the fans.

Choice 1

fan wiring diagram

In this illustration, we have five wires here, red, blue, black, white, and green. And the system of this fan is that it also contains a light, and the switch of the fan and the light are the same and connected by a primary red wire. The blue takes the lead after the red wire and going towards the bulb of the fan. These wires are connected with the same steps mentioned above.

Choice 2

fan wiring diagram

In this illustration, we have four wires blue, white, red, and green. The function of these wires is the same as we have mentioned above. The little difference that comes here is the red wire is not used. Here the fan and light are controlled by the same switch, and the dimmer is not used. The wiring is the same, but this fan gets power from the green and the black wire.

Choice 3

fan wiring diagram

In this illustration, five wires are used blue, white, black, red, and green. Their function is the same, but they connected with the fan and switchboard differently. Here all five wires are connecting in the fan, the main switch for ON/OFF, and the separate light button. The white wire is attached to the ceiling and used as a switch wire here.

Use EdrawMax for Wiring Diagram Creation

Ceiling fans have become the central part of our lives, so wiring them correctly is essential. If you wire them wrong, then they will not function as they should do. Sometimes, wiring the ceiling fan incorrectly makes the motor burn, leading to short-circuits and other failures like short-circuit in the switchboard, etc.

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