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Translation Process Shown by Vivid Workflow Diagram

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Posted by James Freeman | 01/28/2021
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Major Workflow Elements

In an internationalized world when cross-culture communication require large amount of translation, how can translation service provider become more competitive? One good solution is to introduce the service through vivid workflow diagrams. Here is a typical example.

Translation Workflow

The translation process basically begins once the Account Manager receives the source files from the customer. The Account Manager sends the quote request with all the necessary information to the Project Manager.

Once the Account Manager receives the Quote Request, the Source files are analyzed by a CAT Tool program. The Project Manager is basically responsible for Planning and Execution (allocating qualified Resources); overseeing time lines and Quality Control of the translation project.

As you can see, the translation process will then move to translator's language transformation, editor's edition, export into different formats, DTP, proofreading and quality assurance. Finally the project will review and approve the target files.

Tip: the outside arrows are connected with shapes, enabling easier modifications. Learn how to apply arrow connectors right now. Most of the shapes used are 3D shapes. More are available in Edraw. Check it our below.

More Workflow Chart Shapes

All these shapes are vector format, accompanied with text boxes and action buttons. The action buttons can be used to generate connectors or more shapes. When you drag more than one shape out, there will be dynamic grids showing automatically to help you align shapes easily.

Workflow Diagram Symbols

Automatic Workflow Diagram Maker

Nothing can beat an automatic diagram maker which embeds 6000+ vector shapes, auto generation function and numerous templates and examples. With it, most people can make a professional-looking and creative diagram like no other in the fastest way. Since the user interface is quite similar with MS programs and no drawing experience is required. See its amazing interface below.

Workflow diagram creator

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Another Translation Workflow Template

Translation Service Workflow
This is another example in different style. Connectors are generated automatically. Besides straight and right-angled connectors, there is still one more option - free-form connectors. Try it in the Home menu.

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