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Some sales workflow examples, showing the effective sales workflow process management which impacts overall sales effectiveness, improving both top-line revenue growth and bottom-line cost management.

The first step towards your business success is the acknowledgement of what it is about. The examples about sales below provide detailed visibility about some basic concepts and involved parties of business world. You can acquire the ABC of it and inject more vigor into your organization by learning how is everything linked and organized.

E-commerce Workflow Example

E-commerce is the up-rising industry currently. The key factors of its rapid development are technology and logistic advancement. As you can see from the diagram, the step of physical display of goods is eliminated, reducing cost for sellers as well as saving expense for buyers.

ECommerce Workflow

Manufacturing and Sales Workflow Example

Business Workflow Diagram

After Sales Workflow Example

The delivery of goods is not the end of service sometimes. Quality after-sales service is essential for keeping long-term cooperation relationship. If regular maintenance is carried out well, after-sales service cost can be decreased.

Aftersales Service Workflow

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Customize Workflow Templates

You can see from the above examples that, shapes can be connected in 2 ways: using connectors or arrow connectors. You can learn more about arrow connectors in Application of Arrow Connectors.

You can customize the above examples/templates in many way, such as apply another theme, add numbers to each step or change the background. Each property of the shapes - color, size, orientation, location and text can be tailored according to your need. Replace the text with your own content by double clicking the shape.

More Workflow Examples

See more workflow examples and discover why Edraw is the best workflow diagram software.

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