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Posted by Janice | 02/05/2021

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Creating seating plan with free templates and examples. Seating plan has never been easier.

Seating Plan

A seating plan is a diagram that determines where people should take their seats and shows a layout of chairs or tables. Simply speaking, sitting plan is layout of how you want your guests or people to sit. The layout of chairs could be in rows, in circles or in squire. A seating plan is of crucial importance for musical ensembles or orchestras, where every type of instrument is allocated a specific section.
With Edraw software, you can label on each seat who to sit on which seat. The sitting plan will help you or your organizer to plan ahead and ensure that there will be no confusion for everybody to find their seats.

Learn how to make a perfect seating plan quickly here. Read ultimate seating plan tutorial to get more details.

Seating Plan Software

Seating Plan Maker

Edraw provides extensive symbols and powerful seating plan making tools, allowing you to easily create the seating plan for company event, celebration, personal wedding, or classroom using floor plan symbols. You can start with a quick-start template, then drag and drop the symbols you need. Automatic formatting function will help you quickly format your drawing. Just with a single click, you can export your design to PDF or other graphic formats.
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Seating Plan Symbols

Edraw seating plan templates offer you lots of sofas and chairs shapes, 1 seat sofa, 2 seat sofa, 3 seat sofa, 4 seat sofa, corner sofa, couch, chairs, lounge chair, stool, table with chairs, recliner, sling chair, tea table, circular dining, oval dining table, etc.

Seating Plan Symbols

Seating Plan Examples

A useful and flexible seating plan template in vector format is available to you.

Wedding Seating Plan Examples

A wedding seating plan template is ready to use in vector format for your own designs.

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