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Why EdrawMax to Make Your Seating Charts?

Seating plan for every need

For weddings: Make an organized seating chart for your wedding to make your event more manageable and efficiently use the space. Predictability is always better.

For conferences: Use the seating chart maker to make plans when people of varying age brackets are attending your conference. It helps in managing the visibility of the screen and presenters for everyone.

For gatherings: Use multiple entrances for different groups to prevent chaos and stampede in crowded events.

for every need

Easy, powerful, and supportive

Huge range of symbols: EdrawMax is an all-in-one seating chart maker with an exhaustive symbol and notation library for creating stunning seating plans with deep details and proper formatting. Free and vector symbols can be used with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Easy-to-use templates: Get a quick start with pre-made templates already available in the templates library. These samples cover various types of seating plans. You can get ideas for your plans from there, or you can use the templates right away for free.

Customize every aspect: Powerful formatting toolbox helps you position, align, style, and format for seating chart creation and customization.

create with EdrawMax

Keep the team involved

On the same page: Use the cloud storage provided by EdrawMax for free. You can give different permission to different groups of uses according to the requirements.

Export without limits: Export in multiple formats, including PPT, PDF, Visio files, PNG, JPG, and many more.

Seen by the world: Publish your event seating plan to social media or contribute to the fast-growing template community so that every guest already knows where to enter and what seat to look for.


Present & print with a click

Full screen: Present your work for your team and other stakeholders right from the EdrawMax Users can click F5 and start to present in a full-screen mode right from the seating chart maker.

Slideshow maker: You can also add parts of seating charts to your documents and presentation slides. You have to drag the cursor to select and add to slides.

Print with ease: Distribute the seating plan for the event to help the visitors. Print high-resolution seating charts and graphs with EdrawMax with customized settings according to your preference.


More Features Of Seating Chart Maker

Visio files import and export
Customized fonts and shapes
Insert images and attachments
Infinitive canvas
Various color theme
File encryption and file backup

I’m an event planner, and the seating arrangement is the most intricate part of the job, especially when the client has specific instructions. I started using EdrawMax to make seating plans, and it has been a lifesaver! With just a few steps, I could draw a seating arrangement as per the client’s requirements, plus it has several templates that can be used in case there’s not much customization involved.

EdrawMax is an ideal tool to create all sorts of diagrams and charts, including floor plans, mind maps, pedigree charts, and in my, a case seating arrangement chart. The start of the school year is a bustling time, full of clueless students. The solution? A pre-planned seating arrangement chart to help the students settle down. You can easily do this with EdrawMax and use different colors and images to make the chart more understandable. It is highly recommended!

I gave EdrawMax a try in an attempt to make technical diagrams for the company I work at. I found it a very user-friendly tool, with an impressive variety of editable templates for different chart types. Not only this, but the numerous formatting options make it fun to work with because it lets you use your creativity in adding a personal touch to the diagrams. It is one of the best and most versatile diagram makers out there.

Edraw Seating Chart Templates

Wedding Seating Chart
Wedding Seating Chart
A customizable wedding seating chart template for an ideal seating arrangement at weddings.
American Airlines Seating Chart
American Airlines Seating Chart
American Airlines seating chart for the passengers to choose their seats as per their requirement: Window or aisle or at the front with more leg space.
Truist Park Seating Chart
Truist Park Seating Chart
The Truist Park seating chart for people to locate their seats easily.
Orchestra Seating Chart
Orchestra Seating Chart
An Orchestra seating chart to place the instrumentalists at proper places during the show.
Table Seating Chart
Table Seating Chart
A printable table seating chart to see the different ways in which tables can be arranged in a restaurant.
Senators Seating Chart
Senators Seating Chart
A senators seating chart to show which senator sits where at a conference or official meeting.

Seating Chart FAQs

Except for the pre-made seating chart templates in EdrawMax, you can download and customize seating chart templates from our Template Community. All the community-made seating chart templates are free to use for Edrawers.
When your seating chart is complete, you can post it on social media, publish on Edraw Template Community, or export the file as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, PDF, SVG, PNG and JPG. EdrawMax is dedicated to delivering a superior user experience.
No worries. You can find seating chart symbols by searching in the preset symbol libraries. You will see and use all the pre-made seating chart symbols in EdrawMax.
You can create a seating chart from scratch by dragging and dropping symbols from the libraries. All the symbols in EdrawMax are vector, editable, and catered to different types of seating charts.
YES! It is free to create different seating charts in EdrawMax. There are free templates, symbols, and editing tools for making seating charts. Just download it and try EdrawMax now. You will love it right now.

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