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Posted by James Freeman | 02/19/2021
A workflow diagram illustrating the workflow of scanning service. Make 3D workflow diagrams rapidly with well-formatted examples and templates.

A Paperless Document Keeping Way

Important paper (for example a signed contract) can be scanned and converted into electronic formats by using a scanning device. And then the electronic information can be securely saved for longer period of time, which is also a more effort-saving method to keep documents. The main advantage is that electronic documents are easily portable. And you can easily share documents with your friends and colleagues by email or putting them on your web site. If sometimes you still need hard copy of your document, you can instantly access and print it on paper. Here is a workflow diagram illustrating the workflow of scanning service.

Scanning Service Workflow

An Automated Workflow Diagramming Tool

This diagram is drawn by Edraw - an automated workflow diagramming tool. With it, you are only a few minutes away from professional-looking workflow visuals. Highly recommended for use at home and office. See how amazing it is in the following screenshots.

Edraw has built in everything needed to manage workflows effectively.

Services Workflow

All these purposes can be accomplished by Edraw as easy as pie.

Services Workflow

A Few Scanning Tips

Here are a few tips about the basics to help you get the most from your scanner.

  1. Scanning resolutions depend on the document itself.
  2. Scan-to-pdf usually works better, because it tends to have default settings aimed at producing printable pages that are standard size, and files that are not overwhelmingly large.
  3. Note that resolution and image size are different settings: resolution determines how many distinct points per inch are used to create an image, and image size determines how many inches the image measures. Together, these two settings determine the size of a file.
  4. Clean the scanner glass periodically with a glass cleaner so that the scanned papers won't be tainted. Scan only the part of the image you want to scan.
  5. Crop the unnecessary part using scanner software's built-in feature, saving your time as well as disk space.
  6. Delete all temporary files that the scanner creates which allows it work more smoothly.
  7. Choose the gray scale or line art option to scan black and white images.
  8. Don't save the image in a lossy compression file format if you want the image for further editing.

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