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Make a Fire and Emergency Plan

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Posted by James Freeman | 02/27/2021
To the safety of students, staff, faculty, residents and visitors, it is very necessary to make a fire and emergency plan so that people can implement it in fire emergencies. Also, Every home should have a fire and emergency plan since accidental home fires can catch people unawares.

Fire and Emergency Plan

fire and emergency example

What's a fire and emergency plan?

Fire and Emergency Plan is a plan which helps people move away from the fire threat or actual occurrence of a fire hazard. Fire and emergency plans range from hospital fire and emergency plan, school fire and emergency plan, cinema fire and emergency plan, theater fire and emergency plan, etc. Generally, a company should provide fire and emergency plan to all departments and make sure that all employees are accessible to it.

Why fire and emergency plan is important?

1. It's used to prevent fatalities and injuries.
2. It plays a very important role in reducing damage to buildings, stock, and equipment.
3. It serves as a safeguard to protect the environment and the community.
4. It helps to accelerate the resumption of normal operations.

How to Create a Fire and Emergency Plan?

Start Fire and Emergency Plan

Start with the Exact Template

In Fire and Emergency Plan Software, the Fire and Emergency Plan Template helps you easily create fire and emergency plan using many built-in symbols. Double click the template from Floor Plans Category on the starting page to enter the drawing page. You will discover abundant symbols and easy-to-use tools available for fire and emergency plans. Plan your actions before a fire happens - draw your escape plan now!

Use Standard Built-in Symbols

Edraw includes lots of fire and emergency plan symbols created to meet different drawing requirements of users. In Edraw library, all fire and emergency plan symbols are classified into groups as Dimensioning; Wall, Shell and Structure; Fire and Emergency, etc., which you can easily use to depict slider door, fire break glass, fire ladder, indicating arrow and more. Go to Fire and Emergency Plan Symbols page to have a general knowledge about the symbols.

Fire and Emergency Plan Symbols

Basic Steps:

1. On the File menu, point to New, point to Floor Plans, and double click Fire and Emergency Plan template. A new drawing page will open.
2. Go to the library pane on the left of the canvas. From Fire and Emergency, drag the shapes you need onto the canvas.
3. Use Dimensioning and Wall, Shell and Structure shapes to display the layout of the building.

Print: When a fire and emergency plan is done, it's easy to print and share with more people. On the file menu, point to Print to set for print options. You can change settings with fewer clicks and see the print preview in real time.

Export: Edraw offers support for exporting your diagram to various formats, including Microsoft Office, PDF, and many other graphic formats. On the File menu, point to Export & Send for Export options.

Tips on Drawing Your Own Fire and Emergency Plan:

  • draw a floor plan of your home;
  • draw your escape plan and discuss your escape plan with other occupants including children
  • make sure that windows and screens can be easily opened
  • provide alternatives for anyone with a disability
  • decide on a safe outside meeting place eg. near the letterbox
  • once you get out, STAY OUT, never go back inside a burning building
  • practice your plan at least twice a year, making sure that everyone is involved
  • if you live in an apartment building learn and practice your building's evacuation plan
  • if you hear the fire alarm, leave immediately
  • Identify two ways out of every room. It is always possible that one way may be blocked by flames, heat or excessive smoke.
  • use the stairs - NEVER use a lift/elevator during a fire
  • designate individuals to be responsible for certain tasks, such as calling 911, making a headcount and ensuring safety of pets.

Download the fire and emergency plan software here.

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Floor Plan Symbols

Mall Floor Plan Examples and Templates

Features that Make Edraw the Best Choice

  1. Edraw has built in a set of nice looking themes with advanced effects. It's easy to change the whole diagram by changing the active theme with just a few clicks. You don't have to be professional in designing.
  2. All Edraw documents are vector graphic files with high clarity and available for reviewing and modifying.
  3. A set of smart tools are provided for automatic formatting. You can easily arrange, rotate, group and align objects.
  4. Edraw offers various customization options, using which you can adjust line width, line color, line style, font size, font style, text color, and much more.
  5. Easy to add photos, images and edit text fields.
Here is a complete fire and emergency plan examples created by Edraw.

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