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Logic Gate Symbols

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Posted by James Freeman | 04/22/2020
Pre-drawn logic gate symbols represent gate, transfer gate, logic gate, tri-state gate, And gate, Or gate, Not gate, etc. These symbols help create accurate diagrams and documentation.

A logic gate is an elementary building block of an electrical circuit. Most logic gates have two inputs and one output. Some circuits may have only a few logic gates, while others, such as microprocessors, may have millions of them. Read basic electrical symbol and electrical symbols introduction to get more information.

Logic Gate Symbols

Logic Gate Shapes

Logic shapes like And gate, Or gate, Not gate and more are included here.

Logic Gate Symbols

The picture below is a logic gate.

Logic Gate Symbols

Most logic gates take an input of two binary values, and output a single value of a 1 or 0. To set the value you may select the symbol and click its floating button. Then choose the gate type, number of inputs and outputs.

Set Logic Gate Symbols

Tri-state gate allows an output port to assume a high impedance state in addition to the 0 and 1 logic levels, effectively removing the output from the circuit.

Tri-state Gate Symbols

And gate means it is True if both True.

And Gate Symbols

Or gate means it is True if either True.

Or Gate Symbols

Not gate means it is True if input is False; False if input is True.X0R gate means True if either True, but False if both True.

Not Gate Symbols

NAND gate means False only if both True - AND followed by NOT.

NAND Gate Symbols

NOR gate means True only if both False - OR followed by NOT.

Nor Gate Symbols

XOR means the output is True if either, but not both, of the inputs are True.

XOR Gate Symbols

XNOR gate means output is True if both True or both False - XOR followed by NOT.

XNOR Gate Symbols

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