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Timeline infographics are a great way to visualize a process over a period of time.

The advantages of infographics are quite obvious and straightforward. For advertisers and marketers, it is the most effective way of getting your word out to the audience. You can use a timeline data visualization when creating a company fact sheet for employee onboarding, or to outline a step-by-step process for accomplishing a certain task.

Overview of Timeline Infographics

Timeline Infographics

Types of Timeline Infographics

There are three types of timeline infographics covered:

  • Vertical Timeline Infographics
  • Horizontal Timeline Infographics
  • Ring Timeline Infographics:

Timeline Infographics Types

Callout Elements for Timeline Infographic

You can choose any of them and amend the colors to fit your own Timeline infographic theme.

Callout Elements for Timeline Infographic

What You Can Do with Timeline Infographics

1. For business:: visualize Your brand story

2. For classroom: visualize the history of the modern computer or provide a visual chronology of the history of the Roman Empire

3. For online marketers: major milestones in the evolution of the most prominent social media platforms may also be useful

4. For job hunter: foster the growth of your career to present your resume via infographic

Learn How To Design Your Timeline Infographics

If you get ready to create timeline infographics, following are some resources to share:

download EdrawMind
main page

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