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Get a quick start drawing by editing built-in food infographic templates provided by Edraw infographic maker.

Infographics are a visual presentation of information in the form of a chart, graph, or other image accompanied by minimal text with the purpose of giving an easily understood overview, such as food. People nowadays who want to convey the nutrition information of certain food prefer food infographics to traditional long texts with poor formats.

Food Infographic Templates

Below are food infographic templates exquisitely-designed by Edraw infographic maker. All of the templates it offers are free to download, edit, print and share as you wish.

Food Cooking Infographic Template

From the first template, we can easily know that shrimp, pepper and mushroom can make pizza; and tomato, shallot and caraway can make delicious spaghetti.

Food Infographics Template1

Food Calorie Infographic Template

For people who are planning to lose weight, this template is a pretty good news for them. Check calorie of each food and make sure you do not get too many calories per day.

Food Infographics Template2

Winding Road Infographic Template

This interesting template shows us what kind of food you can get from different stores.

Food Infographics Template3

Food Analysis Infographic Template

Below template analyzes the food nutrition in detail. It’s better to intake more fruits daily instead of pizza and hamburg.

Food Infographics Template4

Food Infographic Symbols

Edraw infographic maker provides a large quantity of food symbols for users to drag, drop and edit freely. Below picture just shows a tip of iceberg. Easily drag some symbols you want and drop on the drawing page, then edit them to meet the requirements of different topics. And a set of drawing tools are prepared in case users need to design their own special infographic elements.

Food Infographic Elements

Edit Templates with Edraw Infographic Maker

Do above templates attract you? Do you want to create food infographic but lack of time? Download Edraw infographic maker and edit above food infographic templates! Replace the contents with your own and make them your new food infographic in minutes.

Infographic Maker

Try this Easy Infographics Maker:

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