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Nowadays, the use of infographics for business is getting more and more popular. This page will explore reasons why you should use infographics for business.

Infographics are the visual representation of information, data or knowledge. You can attract targeted audiences’ attention by presenting infographics instead of words. This way of displaying content can be easily understood by the targeted audiences.

Why Are Infographics Important for Business?

The last few years have witnessed the incredible growth of infographics. According to the research, infographic search volumes on Google has increased by more than 800% in just 2 years. What's more, among all the tweets generated and videos uploaded each day, more than 14 million tweets and 2 million videos are in the form of infographics. If you are running a business or in charge of marketing, infographics can be a powerful tool for you.

Here is a great example of business infographic:

Business Process Infographic

What Purposes Do Infographics Serve for Business

  • To Display Data and Information: put the data and information of market research or product research into an infographic to better study customers' demand
  • To Simplify Product Concept: if your business has a complicated and high-tech product, it would be better to explain it in an infographic
  • To Raise Awareness: infographics can help raise employees' awareness of an issue or project by using pictures and charts

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Use Infographics for Business

The following will tell you why Infographics should be used for business.

1. Great Visual Appeal

Visual elements can attract people's attention more easily. Most people better respond to images rather than text. Combined with text, infographics would be a very powerful tool to help convey the information to your targeted audiences. With solid facts, persuasive figures, stats and other graphical elements, the information included in an infographic can easily capture the audiences' attention.

2. Portable and Embeddable

The code included in an infographic is embeddable and automatically linked to your website. Thus, people can integrate that embedded code while sharing the infographic and increase backlinks to your website.

3. Increase Brand Awareness

An infographic often include company information like logo, web address and e-mail. It can not only "tell" but also "shows" the company brand, products and other related information. This is an effective way to increase brand awareness.

4. Make You An Expert

When creating infographics, you can make use of tables, graphs, charts and other relevant information. This shows the massive effort you made while doing the research. This will indicate how knowledgeable you are on this subject, which makes you an expert in this field. The online credibility and reputation of your business will be greatly increased at the same time.

The 4 reasons above perfectly explained why should infographics should be used for business. Then how to create a great infographic to meet the requirements for your business development?

How to Create Infographics for Business

Edraw Infographics Maker, a professional and powerful Infographics software, can help create business infographics within just a few steps.

1. Open A Blank Business Infographics Drawing Page

Go to File menu>New>Infographic>Business, then double click on the icon to open a blank drawing page, or double click on one of the examples below as template,

Business Infographic Drawing Page

2. Add Shapes for Business Infographics

Simply drag and drop shapes required to the drawing page from library "Business" on the left.

Add Business Infographic Shapes

3. Add and Edit Charts for Business Infographics

Drag and drop infographic charts from left library, place the cursor over the chart and a floating icon will pop out, select one to edit charts accordingly. Data in infographics is also editable, double click on the number needs to be modified and type in your own.

Add and Edit Infographic Charts

4. Save or Export Business Infographics

Once complete your business infographic, click Save under the File tab. Or Choose Save As on File tab to save as other formats.

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