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With built-in free infographics templates and elements, you can design stunning science infographics you want freely and quickly.

Best Software to Design Science Infographcis

Thanks to Edraw Science Infographic Design Software, you are able to create all kinds of infographics including fashion, transportation, music, flowchart, resumes, timeline infographics, etc easily and quickly with its built-in templates and examples.

science infographics design software

Top Features of This Science Infographics Design Software:
1. User-friendly.
2. Easy to edit built-in clip arts.
3. Supports automatic alignment and spacing. Easy to arrange the layout.
4. A huge number of vector infographics elements provided.
5. Customize symbols with embedded drawing tools.
6. Can insert local images.
7. Easy to choose a page size or set a personalized page size.
8. Various export options including PDF, PNG, JPEG, word, Visio, etc.
9. Various dynamic charts and graphs options.
10. Cloud collaboration Supported.

Free download this easy-to-use Infographics Software to have a try:

Simple Steps to Design Science Infographics

Step 1. Launch this Science Infographics Design Software, navigate to File menu > New > double click Infographic to open a blank science infographics drawing page.

Open Science Infographic Design Blank Page

Step 2. Drag and drop science shapes from left libraries to the drawing page. You can also edit the symbols if necessary, such as changing the color, dimensions and directions.

Drag and Drop Infographics Science Symbols

Tips: you can also customize your own science elements with its embeded drawing tools.

Step 3. Go to Home page and click Text to add key contents or press ctrl+2 directly, then finishing typing by clicking any blank area or clicking Select under Home page.

Step 4. Go back to left libraries again and select a texture background or simply click background under Home page to choose a single color background.

Choose Background

Step 5. you can click Save on File tab to save the fashion infographics as the default .eddx format; or choose Export & Send to export the infographcis to any other formats such as Word, Excel, HTML, PPT, or Visio.

Save or Export Science Infographics

Science Infographics Example

Here is an overview of science infographics created by Edraw infographics software, you can free download, edit, print and share it!

Designed science Infographics Examples

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