Chelsea Yang

Chelsea Yang


Chelsea Yang

  • Contributor of the Edraw content team since her high school
  • Crazy about organizing ideas after brainstorming and creating funny infographics
  • Concentrate on drawing mind maps, concept maps and designing striking infographics
  • Loves singing, playing the violin and ice skating

Experience & Education

Working Experience

Believe it or not, Chelsea had her indissoluble bound with Edraw since her high school. At that time, she used Edraw to create concept maps for history final exams and got full marks. From then on, she has been actively sharing her creative mind maps with Edraw for over 10 years and formally joined the Edraw content team as an editor after she got her master’s degree.


Born and raised in China, Chelsea was a smart and confident girl who was eager to learn new skills and face new challenges in her early childhood. During her exchange student time in America, she has gained deeper and keen insights into the differences between Eastern and Western culture. After acquiring a bachelor’s degree in international affairs and a master’s degree in digital media, she found her way of promoting cultural exchanges between the East and the West.


Chelsea was a UNESCO volunteer before joining Edraw. That unforgettable experience taught her a lot about how to protect, preserve, and promote our common cultural and natural heritage. Therefore, she decided to create infographics and write articles about cross-cultural communication to help readers understand culture shock as well as the tips for designing stunning infographics.


An open-minded girl always wants to shake off ideological shackles and longs for a breakthrough. Obsessed with music, Chelsea can sing and play the violin at the same time. She tries different types of music ranging from pop and R&B to classical and bossa nova. Embracing music is one of the happiest things for her.