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Create Floor Plan for Word

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Posted by Janice | 11/05/2019
No matter you are a professional designer or a novice, yo can get started as fast as possible to create floor plans for Word. You can take advantage of premade shapes to save time and effort. It can work on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

Overview of Floor Plan

A floor plan is a drawing of the shape of a room or building and the position of things in it, as seen from above. It is also referred to as ground plan. It is a visual means to understand buildings and a way to convey ideas to others. From home owners, architects to designers, floor plan can benefit a lot of people.

Using Easy Software to Make Word Floor Plan

Make compelling colorful floor plan in Word format instantly with automatic software which is much easier than MS Word.

Our software is easy to use because of these features:

  1. Intuitive interface that is similar with MS Word
  2. Smart built-in symbols with dynamic scale, which are incredibly easy to edit
  3. Wall shapes can be connected automatically
  4. Gridlines and guidelines for you to align shapes easily

As a full-featured floor plan software, Edraw can help you design many kinds of floor plans easily. It is a time and effort consuming solution. Take a look at what can you do with our program:

  1. Design your own sweet home in the way you like
  2. Plan seating plan for classroom, wedding ceremonies and so on.
  3. Create floor plans for inventory spaces, office spaces and supply rooms
  4. Rearrange furniture and decorators in a space
  5. Visualize the emergency evacuation plan for a single room or the entire building

Create Floor Plan Diagram for Word

Download Floor Plan Software and View All Editable Templates:

Basic Steps to Create Floor Plan

  1. Start Edraw and choose Floor Plan in the Available Templates.
  2. Sketch the main frame of your house by adding and moving walls around. Make it precise with the dynamic scale.
  3. Insert windows, doors, furniture, appliances and other building blocks. Modify the height, width, opening direction and exact position to add the door or window you need.
  4. Color some elements as you like.
  5. Export it to Word format under File tab by clicking Export & Send.

Note: The exported Word files can also be edited.

Floor Plan Export to Word

Download Edraw to Create More Floor Plan for Word. Try Mac Floor Plan Software FREE.

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