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Create a Seating Plan for Lecture Hall

> Edraw How-To > Create a Seating Plan for Lecture Hall
Posted by Janice | 02/21/2022
Learn how to create a seating plan for lecture hall with extensive drawing tools, pre-made shapes and symbols which are convenient to use.

A Seating Plan for Lecture Hall is a graphical way to visualize where students will sit in the lecture hall during a course. Each seat is placed in the seating plan to provide a visual representation of its exact location among other seats. A seatting plan will also show the entire layout of the lecture hall.

Lecture Hall Seating Plan Software

This Lecture Hall Seating Plan Software is a powerful floor plan design application with various pre-designed libraries of symbols. This is the best way to arrange seatings for lecture hall.

Seating Plan

How to Create a Seating Plan for Lecture Hall

Here are the easy steps to follow for creating a lecture hall seating plan with Edraw:

  1. Launch Edraw, go to Software and double click UML model diagram to open a new drawing page.
  2. Click the around floating buttons to add UML symbols automatically or just drag-and-drop them from the left libraries.
  3. Double click the symbols and add the information.
  4. Drag proper connector from left libraries to connect symbols.
  5. Click Save on File tab to save as the default .eddx format, or you can also select Export & Send under File to export the UML state chart to images, PPT, PDF, Word format .etc.

Step 1. Open a Blank Drawing Page

Launch Edraw, go to File > New > Available Templates > Seating Plan, double click to start a blank drawing page for your lecture hall seating plan. Or you can pick one of the examples provided down below to get some and inspiration and customize your own.

Step 2. Set the Drawing Scale

Under the Floor Plan tab, hit Drawing Scale to choose one drawing scale from the drop-down menu. Click on Unit and you can set the unit of measurement, millimeters, centimeters and meters, etc.

Set Drawing Scale

Step 3. Add and Edit Shapes for Lecture Hall Seating Plan

Add Shapes for the Lecture Room Wall:

  • Drag and drop wall symbols to the canvas from the library on the left.
  • Connect walls together. When place one wall near another, the connection dot turns red and that is the time to drop the wall. Walls will be automatically connected together once dropped in the right position.

Add House Floor Plan Shapes

Add Background as Floor:

  • Drag Space from the library Wall, Door, Window and Structure, drop it on the canvas.

    Add Background

  • Click on the Space symbol, go to the right side of the canvas, under the button "Layer" set the space as "Background", then adjust the size of the background, it will automatically work as floor.

Step 4. Complete the Seating Plan for Lecture Hall

Add other symbols and elements needed to the seating plan to complete the whole design. This is the final result.

Seating Plan for Lecture Hall

Step 5. Save or Export Floor Plan

Click Save on File tab to save as the default format .eddx. Choose Save as on File tab to save as other formats, you can also hit Export & Send under File to export the Lecture Hall Seating plan as images, presentation slides and web documents and so on.

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