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Use Free and Editable Symbols to Design Emergency/Safety Signs

> Edraw Symbol > Use Free and Editable Symbols to Design Emergency/Safety Signs
Posted by James Freeman | 01/05/2022
Design clear and effective emergency/safety signs easily with pre-drawn symbols. An advanced drawing program enables you to draw emergency/safety sign extremely fast.

Introduction to Emergency/Safety Signs

The importance of posting high quality Safety Signs in all hazardous and unsafe areas of a work place is doubtless. Edraw team has professionally developed a high quality collection of effective safety/emergency signs. Look through our ready-to-use emergency signs and find the one that fits best for your need.

Ready-to-use Emergency Signs

With a bright and bold design, clear, concise text, and editable feature, you know that our Safety Signs symbols are just the signs you need. All of our high quality printable Emergency Signs are shown here. Please use our lightning-fast search feature to quickly find designs that suit your need.

change sign color

Create Your Own Safety Signs

It's also easy to create your own safety sign using one of the templates shown above. They are all easily changeable with selection handles and advanced formatting tools.

  1. After you start Edraw, point to New under File Tab.
  2. Choose Floor Plans in the templates list and then double click the icon: Fire and Emergency Plan.
  3. The Fire and Emergency library opens on the left of a blank drawing page.
  4. Drag the scroll bar to see all shapes. Select the one you need.
  5. Drag and drop it onto the drawing page.
  6. Change color through the color bar or color palette.
  7. change sign color
  8. Drag the selection handles to resize shapes.
  9. resize sign
  10. Double click the signs to type in text.
  11. Insert image to make signs more visualized via Insert function.
  12. After the design is finished, save or print it. To print it, go back to File tab and click Print, select a paper size, specify how many copies you need and then click Print button.
  13. To highlight information, you can insert vector text.

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