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There is a library of of 40 free infographic line elements in Edraw Infographic Software for your choice. Besides, you can also design your desired line elements for creating infographics you want.

Built-in Vector Infographic Line Elements

Free infographic line elements in Edraw Infographic software make it easier than ever to design infographics. Those line filled icons are all editable, you are allowed to change itheir size, color, etc or rotate them. Plus, this software also provides many other infographic elements for different uses.

infographic line vector elements

There are several types of line elements in this Infographic Software for your choice.

Types of Infographics Line Filled Icons

Types of infographics line elements include:

  • Vertical lines
  • Horizontal lines
  • Diagonal lines
  • Zigzag lines
  • Curved lines

What You Can Do Using Those Line Infographic Elements

  • to outline; a starting place for many drawings or paintings
  • to suggest moods or emotion; lines can appear calm, nervous, angry, etc.
  • to lead the viewers eye through a work of art
  • to create lightness or darkness; lines placed close together appear darker than those placed further from each other
  • to create texture; roughness or smoothness

If those built-in line elements can not meet your needs, its embeded drawing tools can help you to create your own line infographic elements.

Design Your Own Infographic Line Elements

Pencil Tool, Pen Tool in this software enable you to draw infographic line symbols you need.

draw infographics line icons

Just free download this infographic software to try those free infographic line elements:

An Example of Infographic Line Elements Application

Here is an overview of infographic line elements application. Simply free download and share it.

infographic line elements application

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