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Data Processing Workflow

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Posted by James Freeman | 04/26/2020
Visualize data processing vividly and optimize it easily in an intuitive workflow diagramming software. Monitor and control the task progress of data processing through interactive Gantt charts.

Data Processing Workflow

Data processing is the series of operations that are carried out on data, especially by computers, in order to present, interpret, or obtain information. It is also called in-formation processing, electronic data processing. Generally, it includes the following steps.

Data Processing Workflow
  • The start of the whole workflow is customer's order.
  • The 2nd step is to analyze customer demand. This step is to learn customers' demand and assign tasks to relevant staff accordingly.
  • The 3rd step is making samples. It is important to make some samples firstly and then deliver them to customers to see if they meet customers' requirements. In this way, service providers can ensure they will completely understand and realize customers' expectation
  • Then, it comes to signing agreement or contract. The written agreement or contact represents clients' requirements as well as the service providers' guarantee of quality products. Standard procedure should be applied to each task, big or small.
  • Fifthly, improve and optimize workflow. During this process, the collective task should be divided into smaller sub processes so that the workflow can be improved. To do this, users can map out the workflow visually and then delete the unnecessary steps and add indispensable processes. Apply a user-friendly workflow modeling tool like Edraw to finish a workflow diagram in less than 10 minutes. See an amazing example created in Edraw. The above work is the base of planning. The overall task can be managed like projects based on the delivery date and working schedule. This purpose can be accomplished by means of Gantt Chart solution. Edraw helps users to draw Gantt charts easily, through which managers can view the deadline, task node and progress clearly and correspondingly monitor and optimize the workflow. This is crucial for prompt delivery of products. View some amazing examples below.
  • how to draw gantt chart interior decoration gantt chart template Project timeline
    How to Draw Gantt Chart Gantt Chart Template Project Timeline
  • Step 6 is to scan files. After the above steps are prepared, the information is scanned and converted into electronic format. Use quality scanning service to transform data into electronic format and deploy specialized software to remove stains.
  • After scanning, OCR and review should be carried out. Minimize mistakes by deleting messy codes, fault spelling and marking, otherwise customers' trust will not be gained.
  • The next necessary step is about layout and format conversion. Optimize information layout and offer various formats of data to customers, which help users store and share the information and collaborate with others more easily.
  • The last two processes are payment and delivery. Promptly and safely deliver the products via email or send CDs to customers as they required.
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