How to Create a Network Diagram

In the Template Categories list, click the Network Diagram category. All of the libraries in the network diagram category appear in the central window.

Basic Network Diagram

Basic network diagrams show the primary pieces of your network and how those pieces are connected. This article describes how to quickly create a basic network diagram in Edraw Max. If you have had Edraw installed, you can create a more detailed network diagram by using the Detailed Network Diagram templates. The difference between the basic and detailed network diagram templates is that the Detailed Network Diagram template comes with more network symbols.

Create a Basic Network Diagram

Open Edraw. When Edraw opens, all you need to work with is the one titled Template Categories. (Tips: If you already have Edraw open, on the Edraw Main Button, point to New, and then click Choose Drawing Types....)

In the Template Categories list, click the Network Diagram category. All of the libraries in the network diagram category appear in the central window.

Create a Basic Network Diagram

Double-click the template titled Basic Network Diagram.

When the network diagram shapes library opens, most of the space is taken up with a blank drawing page. Because it is important to line up the shapes when you create a diagram, the page appears with grid lines on it.

Basic Network Diagram Symbols

Connect Network Diagram Shapes with the Smart Connector

It's easy to connect network diagram shapes in Edraw.

On the Home tab, in the Basic Tools group, click the Connector tool.

To create a smart connector you need to point the cursor at any connection point of the shape. The connection point will be highlighted red.

Connect Network Diagram Shapes

Network Diagram Examples

The following images are drawn with the Edraw network diagram software. You can find more examples in the example gallery. The following illustrations show some basic network diagrams.

WAN Diagram Cisco Topology Network Diagram
Home Network Diagram Cisco Network Design Network Topologies

Create a detailed network diagram

Creating a detailed network diagram with Edraw is an effective way to design and document a computer network, like the following illustration.

Using the Detailed Network Diagram templates and the data Link features, you can create a diagram that shows how equipment is logically or physically connected, add initial data to identify each shape, and then import and link external data to your network shapes.

Create a detailed network diagram


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