How to Create an Operating Model - Deliver Values

The operating model is a key process for an organization to deliver values to their customers. This page offers you a guide on how to design a logical operating model canvas.

Brief Introduction of the Operating Model

The operating model is a fundamental part of business strategy which aims to build a bridge between strategy and operations. With help of this model, this operation team delivers the value of organization to customers. It contains 6 elements including Supplier, Location, Process, Organization, Information and Management which can be abbreviated as POLISM model. The operating model canvas converts an ideal strategy into practical choices about operations of the organization like a start-up, a single-business, a collection of businesses, a charity, government department, a firm and a company etc.

Basic Operating Model

Basic Terms of the Operating Model - POLISM Canvas

5 Steps of Creating the Operating Model

The following steps are shown at length to design an operating model with a user-friendly diagramming software - Edraw Max. Before guiding, I suggest you check whether the templates we provided can be used or not.

Step 1 - List basic questions to be solved toward the operating model.

If you are in an operation team, you should ask yourself some elemental questions about the operating model to have a deep understanding of what your organization really wants to deliver. Questions are shown as follow.

Questions of Operating Model

Step 2 - Set the layout of your operating model.

Step 3 - Structure the canvas by texting and adding symbols

  1. Adding Text
  1. Adding symbols

Add Icons Edraw

Step 4 - Extend the operating model by inserting pictures, tables, hyperlinks, notes & attachments.

You should expand the model with detailed plans and extra resources by inserting pictures, tables, hyperlinks, notes & attachments.

Step 5 - Export, share and print the operating model.

Till now, you might grasp the method of creating an operating model. I guess you cannot wait to use Edraw diagramming software. Get a free trial now.

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