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The product manager (abbreviated as PM) becomes a hit recently with increasingly job seekers taking aim at related job opportunities. But some people might not be clear about the role of product manager. Here presents 6 diagrams to let you know clearly about the roles and responsibilities of Internet Product Manager.

Diagram 1 - What Does the Internet Product Mean?

Traditionally, products can be divided into two branches which are visible products and invisible products. Internet products are one of invisible carriers to meet the requirements of people who uses internet. Thus, internet products tend to be functions and services provided in internet range. They should be balanced to satisfy needs of user and at the same time gain profits.

Product Classification

Diagram 2 - What is the Product Manager in Internet Field?

For different companies, the product manager might serve unique responsibilities. Assigning the right people with ability to execute is of greater importance not only for a perfect product but also for accumulation of talents.

What is Product Manager

As a new comer of product manager, he might be a product assistant and data analyzer to be familiar with homogeneous products especially direct competitive products. After a deep analysis of those competitors, he can offer several opinions to draw lessons from them and optimize own products. When the product manager is skilled, he might be a collaborator of different departments like design, marketing, IT, and even customer service departments. At this time, he should coordinate those related department staffs to make his planned products launch smoothly.  Later a mature product manager must focus on management and decision making. He should select one potential product from various proposals which is profitable and lead a group to complete the whole product cycle.

Diagram 3 - What Does the Product Manager Need to Do?

What Product Manager do

Research on markets and users

The product manager should have a sharp sense in marketing which will depend on which product will be launched and how markets will react. An analysis of market and users will give the product manager a resolution in an expected successful and liquid product.

Product design

After knowing which kind of products is popular and penetrating users purchasing habits, the product manager should design a product catering for most potential users. In this process, the product manager should communicate with art designer to fix the concept, interaction, and visual experience of a product.

Project management in Research & Development (R&D)

Although the product manager might not be proficient in IT-based jobs, he still need to have a plain understanding on them. In the R&D process, product should be developed and tested with the cooperation of the product manager and IT staffs.

Product tracking and lifecycle management

The launching of one product is not worthy of praise. However, after your product has several versions of updating, your product still has an increasingly number of users. That condition is pursued by almost all product managers which means your product is a success.

Diagram 4 - What Abilities Does the Product Manager Need to Master?

Abilities product managers need to master contain five parts including empathy on potential customers, concentration, aesthetic judgement, communication skill, and logical analysis ability.

PM Ability

Empathy on potential customers shows that the product manager has an intensive understanding on customer latent needs. With this ability product managers will get market share soon. Concentration for product managers benefits for mastering you products with confidence. In addition, you may wonder why aesthetic judgement will be the ability owned by product managers, as the first sight for potential users is the appearance of your products which depending on choice of leave or stay. Obviously, communication skill is essential for most product managers because they need to coordinate each department to finish one common goal. Last but not least, a good logical ability contributes to a user-friendly products which do not need to be adjusted for too much.

Diagram 5 - Roles of the Product Manager

PM Roles

  • Data analyzer - The product manager must be a data analyzer to make a market research and marshal data so as to explore demands of potential users.
  • Decision maker - Having confidence of products is of vital importance for the product manager. You should always trust your determination and continue to implement your product roadmap by yourself.
  • Project coordinator - Sometimes there are many departments which should be responsible for launching a product. The product manager is a coordinator to connect each department colleagues with a new team for mutual tasks.
  • Market presenter - The product manager must be the one who knows most information related to the product. So in the initial period of marketing, the presenter who spreads and promotes must be the product manager as nobody knows more than you do.
  • Talent seeker - For a successful product manager, you should not only spare no efforts on your work, but also find talents and advocate to them. You will find efficiency is promoted obviously with good workmates.

Diagram 6 - Need for the Product Manager

With the development of global internet for a mobile generation, an increasing number of people rush into internet industry. Working in an internet company arrests attentions of graduates and people who intending to change careers. The product manager becomes one of the hottest career in job hunting which surpasses traditional hot post programmers. The following chart shows the talents demand in internet related companies.

Internet Career Attractive Index

After knowing those six diagrams, you may have an overall understanding on what is the internet product manager. For a product manager, you have much time in drawing diagrams like those are inserted in this article. Edraw can help you finish professional diagrams and graphs so that you can begin to draw your sketch of product with Edraw.

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