How to Make a Home Wiring Plan

How to make a clear and organized home wiring plan? Try this easy and speedy way to make your own home wiring plan or basement wiring plan. Pre-made symbols upon a dragging-and-dropping feature make everything as easy as pie.

Create a Home Wiring Plan Through Dragging and Dropping

Creating a home wiring plan is all about dragging and dropping ready-made symbols. From the symbol library on the left, choose the symbol you need, drag the symbol and place on a desired location. No drawing and no learning curve. Anyone can do it even it's their first time to draw.

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Extensive Symbols for Making Home Wiring Plan

The standard home wiring symbol set is readily available for any home wiring design. The built-in symbol libraries include the most common symbols for making home wiring plan, such as lightings, switches, sockets, and some special appliances such as ceiling fan, door bell, smoke detector, monitor, and alarm. Other than that, from the Wall, Shell and Structure library, you have all necessary symbols for a basic floor plan.

Home Wiring Symbols

Extensive Wiring Symbols

Don't worry if the libraries miss out some special symbols. Another function of this software is to create custom symbols. Under the Symbol tab, you can use Pen tool or the basic shapes to create any tailored symbol.

Drawing Tool

Basic Steps

1. Start a Wiring Plan Drawing Page.

From the Available Templates, choose Floor Plan, and double click Electrical and Telecom template to start drawing.

Wiring Plan Template

2. Drag and Drop Appliances.

On the left of the canvas, the relative libraries are already open. Drag and drop needed symbols on the canvas. If you need other symbols, click the Library buttonLibrary Button to open more symbol libraries.

3. Connecting the Symbols.

You can either use the curved connector button from the toolbar, or use a wire symbol in the Electrical and Telecom library.

Connecting Appliances

4. Save and Export.

Want to save to another format so that other could open? Just one click away! Go to the File menu, and click Export & Send button. You are allowed to export your file to 17 formats, including: vector graphics (SVG, EMF, EPS), bitmap graphics (PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF), web documents (HTML, PDF), PowerPoint presentations (PPT), and Adobe Flash (SWF).

Connecting Appliances

Tips to Wiring Your Home

  1. Install enough outlets in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. For example, you need at least four outlets in the kitchen for the extractor hood, refrigerator, rice cooker and bread machine.
  2. Try to picture where you will place the furniture, and make sure the outlets are easy to access.
  3. Outdoor holiday lighting outlets are very important. Plan for multiple outlets near the doors and windows.
  4. Before wiring an appliance, be sure you know where to place the wires to keep your wiring projects safe and functional for years to come.

Wiring Plan Templates

Here are some ready-made home wiring plan templates which are downloadable and customizable.

Home Wiring Plan Template

Home Wiring Plan

Electrical Plan Template

Electrical Plan

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