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Electrical Switch Symbols

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Posted by Daniel Belisario | 08/25/2020
Edraw Max includes one set of standard switch symbols, which are smart, industrial standard, and vector-based for electrical schematic diagrams.

basic electrical

Most of the switch symbols can be changed in their appearance, style, and color to meet the requirements.

The switch symbols below include SPST, SPDT, DPST, DPDT, make contact, break contact, two-way contact, 2 position switch, 3 position switch, 4 position switch, limit switch, inertia switch, mercury switch, and also delay switch such as time delay switch, time delay break, flow actuate switch, liquid level actuated switch, gas flow actuated switch, temperature actuated switch, and pressure-actuated switch. Also shown are the component symbols for fuse, isolator, relay contact, pilot light, and mercury.

Basic Switch Symbols

basic switch symbols

SPST : Single Pole, Single Throw. An on-off switch allows current to flow only when it is in the closed (on) position.

Close circuit switch

In our electrical software, you can click the action button then click the Close Circuit menu item to close the circuit switch. You can double click to edit the text at the symbol.

move text in switch symbol - SPST

You can move the yellow control point to change the position of the text.

SPDT : Single Pole, Double Throw. A 2-way changeover switch directs the flow of current to one of two routes according to its position. Some SPDT switches have a central off position and are described as "on-off-on."

After selecting the SPDT symbol, you can change the switch position up, center, or download by the action button.

Modify Switch Symbol

DPST : Double Pole, Single Throw. A dual on-off switch which is often used to switch mains electricity because it can isolate both the live and neutral connections.

DPDT : Double Pole, Double Throw. This switch can be wired up as a reversing switch for a motor. Some DPDT switches have a central off position.

Contact Switch Symbols

The following switch symbols present to make contact switch, break contact switch, two-way contact switch, passing make contact switch, spring return switch, stay put switch, limit switch, and circuit breaker.

Contact Switch Symbols

The switch contact symbols are smart and can be designed so that the contacts "close" (establish continuity) when actuated, or "open" (interrupt continuity) when actuated. For switches that have a spring-return mechanism in them, the direction that the spring returns it to with no applied force is called the normal position. Therefore, contacts that are open in this position are called normally open. The contacts that are closed in this position are called normally closed.

For example: when you click the action button at the Make Contact switch symbol, the following dialog will pop up.

modify contact switch

Then you can change the switch's appearance according to your requirements.

modify contact switch

The above switch symbols are some different appearance of break contact switch.

Electrical Switch Symbols

The following table lists more electrical switch symbols in our electrical drawing software such as position switch, manual switch, push-button break switch, selector switch.

Name Switch Symbol Alternate Symbol
2 position switch 2 position switch 2 position switch alternate
3 position switch 3 position switch 3 position switch alternate
4 position switch 4 position switch 4 position switch alternate
manual switch manual switch manual switch alternate
pushbutton make switch pushbutton make switch pushbutton make switch alternate
pushbutton break pushbutton break pushbutton break alternate
selector switch selector switch more selector switch
shorting selector switch shorting selector switch shorting slector switch

Industrial Switch Symbols and Delay Symbols

The following symbols are some industrial switch symbols and delay symbols.

Switch Symbols and Delay Symbols

In our electrical diagram software, you can use the action button to choose the right electrical symbols with one click.

Edraw electrical diagram software

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