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How to Draw a Circuit Diagram

> Electrical Diagram How-Tos > How to Draw a Circuit Diagram
Posted by Daniel Belisario | 04/08/2020
Want to draw a circuit diagram? This article will provide you with a detailed introduction to the circuit diagram and show you how to make a circuit diagram with Edraw circuit diagram software.

What is a Circuit Diagram?

The Circuit Diagram is a kind of graphical representation of an electrical circuit, showing how electrical components are connected together. It's usually used by engineers and electricians to explain elements and paths of an electrical circuit, which is important in design, construction, and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipments.

Circuit Diagram

Standard Circuit Symbols for Designing

Circuit diagrams use international standard symbols to provide schematic diagrams of the circuit and its components. Each symbol is intended to represent some features of the physical construction of the device. First, you need to identify the symbols used to represent the components you wish to draw. Edraw provides you with hundreds of circuits symbols including cell, battery, source, resister, switch, lamp, motor, bell, buzzer, relay, capacitor, etc.

Below are some frequently used circuits symbols:

Frequently Used Circuits Symbols

  • Cell: A cell stands for electrical energy supply. A single cell is often called a battery, but strictly a battery is two or more cells joined together. It's represented by a long and a short parallel line.
  • Battery: A battery is more than one cell. The larger terminal (on the left) is positive (+).It is represented by a collection of long and short parallel lines.
  • Wire: Pass current from one part of the circuit to another. It's a connecting wire between two components.
  • Resister: A resister is used to restrict the flow of a current. It's represented by a zigzag line.
  • Switch: An on-off switch allows current to flow only when it is in the closed (on) position. It's generally represented by providing a break in a straight line by lifting a portion of the line upward at a diagonal.
  • Ammeter: An ammeter is used to measure current. It's represented by a letter A in a circle.
  • Voltmeter: A voltmeter is used to measure voltage. It's represented by a letter V in a circle.
  • Motor: A transducer converts electrical energy to kinetic energy. It's represented by a letter M in a circle.
  • Lamp: A transducer which converts electrical energy to light.

In Edraw, numerous circuits symbols are embedded. Go to Standard Circuit Symbols page for a general knowledge about circuits symbols. Click Standard Electrical Symbols to study detailed function of each symbol.

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Start from a Circuits and Logic Templates

In Edraw, the Circuits and Logic Template helps you easily create circuit diagrams using built-in electrical diagram symbols, including electronic circuits, logic circuits, and other technical diagrams. Double click the template from Engineering Category on the starting page to enter the drawing page. You will see abundant symbols available for circuits diagrams.

Circuits and Logic Diagram Template

How to Draw Circuit Diagrams with Edraw

Edraw allows you to create circuit diagrams and lets you design electronic circuits in a fast and easy way.


  1. On the File menu, point New, point Engineering and double click Circuits and Logical Template.
  2. Simply drag and drop required component symbols from the pre-made library to the drawing page.
  3. Add wires to connect the components.
  4. Add data to a shape by double clicking on the shape.

Connect Circuits Diagram

Print: When a circuit diagram is done, it's easy to print and share with more people. On the file menu, point to Print to set for print options. You can change settings with fewer clicks and see the print preview in real time.

Export: Edraw offers support for exporting your diagram to various formats, including Microsoft Office, PDF, and many other graphic formats. On the File menu, point to Export & Send for Export options.

Export Circuits Diagram

More Features Make Edraw the Best Circuits Diagram Maker

  • Edraw has built-in a set of nice-looking themes with advanced effects. It's easy to change the whole diagram by changing the active theme with just a few clicks. You don't have to be professional in designing.
  • All Edraw documents are vector graphic files with high clarity and available for reviewing and modifying.
  • A set of smart tools are provided for automatic formatting. You can easily arrange, rotate, group and align objects.
  • Edraw offers various customization options, using which you can adjust line width, line color, line style, font size, font style, text color, and much more.
  • Easy to add images and edit text.


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