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Digestion is an important function of living beings. If the person has a healthy digestive system, he can stay safe from many diseases. It is said that if there is a problem in digestion, and the person has gastric trouble, flatulence, or bloating problem, then he may suffer from other diseases also. Moreover, abrupt use of medications also disturbs the abdominal tract. Therefore, it is important to keep the system healthy. As the common quote quoted by Aristotle for digestion says

"All food must be capable of being digested, and what produces digestion is warmth; that is why everything that has soul in it possesses warmth."-- Aristotle

Moreover, learning about the digestive system is important. Kids at an early age are taught about one of the major organ systems of the body, so they are aware of food and learn how the food is digested in the body. Students need assistance in learning all body parts. They get confused and find it difficult to do so. In such a case, it is important to have a proper guideline. Therefore, students can try EdrawMax. It is an incredible organ system learning platform. Here is a wide range of templates so students can easily learn and understand the digestive system quickly.

digestive system diagram

1. What is the Digestive System

Human beings as a whole individual are made up of several types of organs and organ systems. These organ systems are of great importance. The Digestive System is the most important system on which the human and other animal bodies depend. The digestive system is made up of several organs that perform related functions that help to digest the food eaten and liquid as well. The main part of the Digestive system is contained in the gastrointestinal cavity. The digestive system also contains the associated glands and various hormonal interferences. Following are the parts of the digestive system

  • Mouth
  • Salivary glands
  • Pharynx
  • Esophagus
  • Stomach
  • Stomach
  • Large intestine (colon, caecum, appendix)
  • Liver
  • Pancreas

A digestive system definition is "a system that digests the food we eat and liquid we drink into useful substances which would otherwise be useless." The food we eat daily consists of several different nutrients and minerals, and vitamins. Although all of it is not digested like the fiber in our diet, most of our diet is broken down into simpler substances that can be taken up by the body readily and can be used to produce energy which in turn runs the body.

What is Digestive System:

A digestive system definition is a system that digests the food we eat and liquid we drink into useful substances which would otherwise be useless.

2. What is the Function of the Digestive System

The digestive system's main function is to provide our body with the substances it needs to run itself properly. All the food that we eat is in the form of large molecules that are mainly carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, various vitamins, and different minerals. But the problem comes here. Although we take these delicious carbs and proteins in a presentable form, but it is useless for our body till broken down. The digestive system runs and goes through various mechanisms to break down the complex substances of our diet into simpler and easily portable substances, which are then absorbed in the bloodstream via villi and taken to the places where they are required. Such as:

  • Carbohydrates into (simple sugars)
  • Proteins into (amino acids)
  • Lipids into (fatty acids)

The size of a cell is so small, and it needs energy for its function. The life of an organism depends upon the activity of the individual cells. To provide appropriate nutrition to a cell, so small, simplest substances like the ones mentioned above are required. And the digestive system functions to perform this task efficiently.

3. How Does the Digestive System Work

The working of the whole digestive system depends on the individual working of:

  • Mouth
  • The mouth is the first part where the digestion of our food starts. The carbohydrates in our food are partially digested in our mouth by the excretion of salivary amylase, which is the essential enzyme for the digestion of starchy food. The enzyme breakdowns the large starch molecules into simple sugars.

  • Pharynx
  • The pharynx is a muscular bag to which the bolus formed in the mouth is pushed by the swallowing method. The opening that guards the pharynx allows the food mass into the muscular passage, and through it enters the canal called the esophagus.

  • Esophagus
  • The esophagus plays no role in digestion. It only assists the movement of food from the pharynx to the stomach. The repeated relaxations and contractions allow the food to move to the posterior end this movement of the esophagus is called peristalsis.

  • Stomach
  • The food enters the stomach through the cardiac sphincter, which is a ring of circular muscles that guard the opening of the stomach. The stomach is the major part of the digestive system. The walls of the stomach secrete gastric juice that is made up of hydrochloric acid, pepsinogen, and lipase. This gastric juice is so acidic in nature that it enables the digestion of almost everything that enters our stomach. Moreover, the muscles of the stomach wall enable the thorough mixing of the food with the gastric juice; this action facilitates digestion.

  • Small intestine
  • The food enters the first part of the small intestine, namely as duodenum here, the chyme that was formed in the stomach and is a mixture of gastric juice and digested food matter. The secretions from the liver and pancreas accompany this step, and further digestion takes place, where the salts and useful minerals are absorbed, and at the last part of the small intestine, most of the necessary nutrients from the chyme are absorbed into the bloodstream. The rest of the remains are passed on to the large intestine from the ileum.

  • Large intestine
  • In the large intestine, the rest of the process comes to completion, as the excess water is again absorbed into the body via the bloodstream through leftover material that is the fecal matter passed on to the rectum.

  • Rectum
  • It temporarily stores the fecal matter until it is egested through the anus, which is the posterior opening of the alimentary canal. And digestion completes here successfully.

4. How to Keep Your Digestive System Healthy

The health of a person very largely depends upon his gut system. An unhealthy digestive system not only leads to physical health issues but also leads to a number of emotional and mental health problems. It is rightly said that "diet cures more than a doctor". This really means that you ought to be careful about your gut health. Here are some tips that will prove helpful in taking care of your digestive system.

  1. Taking your meals at a right time
  2. Taking a balanced diet
  3. Drinking a lot of water
  4. Avoiding too much caffeine
  5. Preferring homemade fresh food
  6. Avoiding excess fried food
  7. Refraining from too much spicy food

These tips can really help you lead a healthy lifestyle. As the lifestyle very largely depends upon one's health. Eat good and stay healthy.

5.How to Draw Digestive System Diagram

Drawing the digestive system and learning its parts is no more difficult now. You can trust EdrawMax, where all templates, figures, and their labeling are available. Students can easily use this software and understand the whole concept of the system. Now, if you are thinking about how to use this incredible software, then follow the procedure given below.

Step1 Open EdrawMax and Login

The first step is to open the EdrawMax website and make your account. If you are a first-time user, sign up and become part of this drawing platform. You only have to register by adding your email ID and providing a password. Now you can use the website any time and utilize its features.

How to Draw Digestive System Diagram

Step2 Template Selection

The second step is the selection of templates as you need the digestive system, so you should explore the human body and then look for the related templates. There you will find numerous built-in templates. You can use them and start understanding the organs of the body.

How to Draw Digestive System Diagram

Step3 Create from Scratch

You can also create your own templates from scratch. Simply open the icon from scratch and format the file. You can create on your own and make a superb template that you can learn or help students to learn about the digestive system in a short time. You can find multiple components to get the best drawing.

How to Draw Digestive System Diagram

Step4 Select Symbols

For formatting the template, you need symbols like eye, stomach, ear, intestine, and whatever you need for the digestive system. Insert symbols to create a perfect digestive system diagram. By doing this step, you will ultimately learn. Moreover, students find this way interesting for the learning body system.

How to Draw Digestive System Diagram

Step5 Add Components

For formatting the template, you need symbols like eye, stomach, ear, intestine, and whatever you need for the digestive system. Insert symbols to create a perfect digestive system diagram. By doing this step, you will ultimately learn. Moreover, students find this way interesting for the learning body system.

How to Draw Digestive System Diagram

Step6 Export and Share

Finally, your drawing is complete. You can save and export in multiple file formats. Share on a social media platform and help your friends to learn about organ systems easily too. So, use EdrawMax version V12.0 and get stress free.

How to Draw Digestive System Diagram

6. Free Digestive System Diagram Examples & Templates

Some of the examples and templates available on EdrawMax that you can learn and practice to draw are given below. We bring more free examples for your use to understand the mechanism of digestive system.

Example 1: Digestive System Labeled

Learning the digestive system is no more challenging. EdrawMax understands your problem, so you can use this platform and learn the system with colorful fonts and drawing patterns. Simply choose this template, and you will see each part of the digestive system is well categorized in the boxes form. So, you can pick each box at one time, learn and then step to the other one. This will save your time, and you will never forget the name of the organs.

Example 2: Digestive System Organs

Want to learn deep detail of the digestive system? Then why not try this template? Look how colorful and detailed the expression of each organ has been described here. You have to find this template and start learning the digestive system. This template is useful for teachers, too, as they can teach their students conveniently.

Example 3: Digestive System Disease

EdrawMax not only provides the anatomy of the digestive system, but you can learn the physiology and pathophysiology of the system also. The template describes multiple diseases and their causes through symbol form. So, an interesting presentation of the digestive system helps kids to learn about different diseases associated with this system.

7.Free Digestive System Diagram Maker

Digestive System Maker includes so many features that give you relief and save your time. Some features that make the EdrawMax the wonderful option for both learners and educators are

  • You can create powerful visuals and flow charts to shortlist your work. This saves your time, and you can quickly learn features and functions. For example, you can add the digestive system's organs in flow chart form to learn the flow of food in this tract.
  • EdrawMax is not only for biology students but for civil engineering students, and it is the ideal option. They can draw floor plans or graphics conveniently through this source.
  • EdrawMax is not only for biology students but for civil engineering students, and it is the ideal option. They can draw floor plans or graphics conveniently through this source.
  • The strategy chart in EdrawMax lets you align your plan and strategies. So, you keep organized and let procedures run smoothly.
  • The website charges zero fees, and all features are accessible to users. So, simply log in and start using the features of EdrawMax.
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8. Final Thoughts

EdrawMax can be your best teacher as you can easily learn through graphic representation and understandable templates. No need to hunt for anatomy tutors. Simply use this platform and learn different organ systems easily and without any hassle. No matter what system you want to learn, either digestive system, respiratory, cardiac, or whatever, EdrawMax can be your companion. The usage of the software is easy too.

Moreover, educators can also avail its benefits. They can show these templates to students and help them to learn multiple systems. The colorful drawing, symbols, and patterns ultimately develop an interest in the students, and they start loving the hard subject. So, use the EdrawMax and utilize its incredible benefits of templates absolutely free. So don't wait. Open your desktop or mobile, launch EdrawMax, sign in, and search for the required template within seconds.

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