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Making a wedding seating plan can be one of the most important event in a wedding schedule. Read this page to get wedding seating plan examples, templates and tips.

What is a Wedding Seating Plan

Having a wedding is one of the most beautiful moments in our life. Families and friends come over to witness the sacred love and send their best wishes to you and the other half. A wedding will often last two to three hours or even longer, so it's essential to get people at the wedding organized. A seating plan is a diagram or a set of written or spoken instructions that determines where people should take their seats. To put it simple, a wedding seating plan is to arrange where the guests sit and who they sit with.. You can download and modify the seating plan for your own use.

A Wedding Seating Plan Example

Below is an indoor wedding seating plan example. You can download and use it as a template to start your design.

Wedding Seating Plan Template

Download Wedding Seating Plan Templates in PDF Format

Download Wedding Seating Plan Templates in Editable Format

Wedding Seating Plan Software

There is no denying that making a handmade seating plan will take much time and energy. Edraw seating plan software can help you make a professional wedding seating plan with least time and cost. Equipped with a great number of symbols and seating templates produced by designing group, Edraw seating plan software allows you to start quickly from the template or get inspirations from built-in examples and then customize your seating plan.

Wedding Seating Plan Maker

Moreover, you may learn how to create wedding plan mind map , wedding day checklist, and how to decide who to invite to your wedding here.

Tips of Making a Wedding Seating Plan

Investigate the Venue in Advance

One thing you must put on the agenda is to visit the venue where your wedding will take place. Knowing the general situation such as the area of the venue, table types - round or rectangular, table size, food menu and price etc.helps to settle a primary plan and budget.

Center the Top Table

The top table is where the couple and their major families such as parents sit. Set the top table in the center of wedding hall as possible as you can. On one hand, centering the top table makes guests closest to the couple so that they can talk and interact with more convenience. On the other hand, wedding is a busy and lively scene. Shortening the distance between guests and the couple can avoid leaving guests at the corner alone and embarrassed. They will feel very happy if they can hear you and share your joy.

Think about the Singles

As is often the case that guests come with a family or a partner, always sit them together. For singles who attend the wedding alone, matchmaking can be a good idea to save them from isolation and embarrassment. Remember that don’t do the matchmaking obviously, because some people are shy and they don't want to be forced. Take some time to think it over.

Divide People into Groups

It's of great importance to know the guests' characters to avoid making them embarrassed or unhappy. For example, the old usually prefer a quiet atmosphere, so don’t mix them up with people who like to make noise. Sit children together with their parents for their safety without bothering other guests.

Make a Name Chart

Count the number of guests and write down their names on a name chart , then put it on the entry and corresponding table . For one thing, this prevents the host from preparing less guests stuff than the actual demand. For another, if there is an existing guide or arrangement, the guests will follow it spontaneously, thus evading chaos and disorder. Besides, you can add guests' additional needs or matters that need attention, this will offer them better experience at your wedding.

Wedding Seating Plan Name Chart

Make a Place Card

A place card which can guide guests to the right place is as important as a name chart. Mark each table with a name or a number and stick the name to corresponding tables. Draw the general structure of the wedding venue and layout of the seating plan, such as where the lavatories balcony and doors are distributed. Stick the place card to the entry to prevent guests from confused or lost.

Beach Wedding Seating Plan

Wedding on the beach is becoming popular lately. Below is an example of wedding seating plan on the beach. You can design any seating plan you like and enjoy a relaxed and breezy beach wedding ceremony .

Wedding Seating Plan on the Beach

Free Download Seating Plan Examples

The following seating templates are built-in templates from Edraw seating plan software. They are designed on a vector basis and support free download of PDF and EDDX format. This software also covers seating design in theater, restaurant, cinema, stadium and meeting room. The following are some examples that offer free download:

Cafe shop seating plan Theater Seating Layout Restaurant Seating Plan
Cafe Seating Plan Theater Seating Layout Restaurant Seating Plan
Cinema seating plan Stadium Seating Layout Meeting Room Seating Plan
Cinema Seating Plan Stadium Seating Layout Meeting Room Seating Plan

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