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Too many people are worried that they can not make a perfect wedding plan. Mind map maker can solve this problem easily by helping you make wedding plan mind map in minutes.

When I was planning for my wedding last year, a friend of mine recommended that I use wedding plan mind map maker to help me flesh out my ideas for the wedding, as I was in the very initial stages of planning and I had lots of ideas floating around. I spent a night creating my initial wedding mind maps, and below are what I had (you can click both pictures to download them).

Steps to Make a Wedding Plan Mind Map

Now we will show you how to brainstorm wedding plan details and teach you how to make a wedding plan mind map step by step.

Ignore the Structure First

Begin by chucking in everything you can think of that needs to be done, from the small decisions to the mammoth tasks, branching them off in every direction. Don't worry too much about structure yet - you just want to try and unload what's currently bouncing around in your head into mind map maker.

Group Branches Together

Then you need to make some sense of the mess. Start grouping branches together under the main elements of the event - service, reception, pre-wedding, honeymoon, the Banquet, miscellaneous - however works best for you. Create sub-topics within these, such as clothes, or transport, and wherever possible use an image instead of text to keep the map visual and dynamic.

Use Icons

Add deadlines wherever appropriate. Use icons as well, such as color coding with flags, so that you can easily filter your map to find all of the tasks that need doing immediately, before the day, on the day and so on.

Wedding Plan Mind Map Example

Add Relevant Files or Webpages

Add any relevant files or webpages to the corresponding branches on your map. You can link to the guest list, hotel website, attach images of the bridesmaid dresses and venue. Anything to do with the big event should be either seen on the map, or within one click of the map. This isn't just the plan and wedding to do list, it is the wedding filing system!

Wedding Plan Mind Map Example

Throw away all of the scribbled to-do's you have accumulated and bask in the glow of the organized art on your screen. Finally, your perfect wedding plan mind map is completed.

One more thing, you may learn to choose dresses for flower girls and wedding seating plan here.

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