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Website System Design - Build the basic structure

Today's website are more like web systems. Designers decide a site's functionality. People communicate functionalities to developers through site maps, hierarchy diagrams, wireframes, use case diagrams and many other visual tools. For example, after an idea of designing an online group buying site came into mind, the first step is to brainstorm the whole structure. Just like this hierarchy diagram shows below, you need to determine the main features and the framework.

Group Buying Website Template

What're the purposes of this website?

When you are constructing the framework, one thing you need to bear in mind is the main purposes of your website. What result do you want to achieve through this website? Is it for commercial use? Who is your website target audience? Well, for this online grouping site, purposes are quite clear. That is, through this system, customers can quickly find the correct products they need, and complete the transaction smoothly and safely.

How do you accomplish these purposes?

To achieve the final goals, the following services need to be included in the website:

  1. Product Inquiry Service: Customers can search products according to products' name, feature, and price.
  2. Industry News Service: Provide latest news that are closely related to products or customers.
  3. Message Board Service: Provides online message service to help customers exchange tips and experiences.
  4. Members' Personal Info Management Service: This part includes members personal profile, purchase record, and credit.
  5. Product Management Service: Administrators can release discount information and advertisement through the background system.
  6. Member Management Service: Including visitors, regular members and VIP members.
  7. Order Management Service: Administrators have the authority to modify or delete orders according to specific situations.

Use Case Diagram - User Interaction with System

Another diagram is used to show the user's interaction with the system. This diagram is called a use case diagram, which is a certain type of UML diagram for describing the different types of users in a system and the various ways that they interact with the system.

Group Buying Use Case Template

More Website System Design Tools

Website Map

A sitemap is a visual representation of the basic framework of a website. Creating a sitemap will help you in developing a clear structure for your site and will assist you categorize information into relevant pages and sections. Edraw is embraced as an excellent website map design tool helping users to create website maps simply from pre-drawn website map shapes. Its friendly editor, extensive symbol libraries, and handy templates make the creation experience not only convenient but also entertaining.

Website Wireframe Design Software

Edraw website wireframe designer helps you visually create a prototype of your future website using the blocks in the framework. It helps map out a screen blueprint that ensures the page content and functionality are positioned correctly.

Conceptual Website

Hierarchical Org Chart

Edraw conceptual website software is meticulously tailored for the creation of professional and presentation-quality conceptual website diagram. With built-in shapes and symbols, you can finish a quality conceptual website with only a few minutes.

Edraw Website System Design Software

All website system design tools mentioned above are included in EdrawMax - all-in-one diagram software. That means, by owning Edraw, you are able to solve all the diagramming tasks you encounter in your website designing process, no other diagramming software is needed. What's more, Edraw can also create wonderful flowcharts, mind maps, floor plans, network diagrams, business diagrams, presentations, graphic organizers, and a lot more. Download one and you will enjoy endless benefit.

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