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Creating rack diagram with free templates and examples. Rack diagram has never been easier.

Rack Diagram

A rack diagram is generally a two-dimensional elevation which represents the organization of specific equipment on a rack. It is used to scale and display a full-face view of everything that needs to be placed in a certain place.
Rack Diagrams can be very useful when choosing which equipment to buy, or when choosing racks for equipment, since they are drawn to scale and therefore can indicate the size needed. In addition, a rack diagram helps make quick work of designing, documenting a rack of network equipment; and allows for efficient organization without having to move the actual equipment.

Learn ultimate rack diagram tutorial to get more details.

Rack Diagram Software

Rack Diagram Maker

Using Edraw pre-drawn network equipment symbols, you can quickly and easily create a rack diagram. Simply drag and drop the symbols you need to your page, and design the diagram through Edraw smart tools.You can choose a pre-defined theme, or you can customize your drawing through colors, lines and styles setting. Edraw tries its best to provide the most simple-to-use drawing method, which enables everyone to draw freely, no matter you are experienced or occasional users. A professional-looking rack diagram could be done in just minutes.
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Rack Diagram Symbols

Edraw software provides you many rack equipment shapes, rack, IU patch panel, 2U patch panel, 1U switch, 2U switch, router, raid, 4U server, 2U server, UPS, bridge, 6U monitor, UPS, bridge, tape drive, keyboard, power strip, alternative device, etc.

Rack Diagram Symbols

Rack Diagram Examples

The left picture is a screenshot of a rack diagram template, by which you can experience unprecedented drawing feelings.

How to Create a Rack Diagram

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