Create P&ID on Mac

Create professional-looking P&ID on Mac OS X with advanced software program. Increase your efficiency greatly with built-in P&ID symbols or well-formatted P&ID templates.

To create a P&ID on Mac has never been so easy with our automatic P&ID software. It comes with smart built-in P&ID symbols so that you don't have to draw them manually. See how to make it effortlessly in the following tutorial.

Open a Blank Drawing Page

Open a blank drawing page and the library including shapes needed for creating P&ID.

On the File menu, point to New.-> Click Industrial Automation, and then choose the type of PID you need in templates window. Double click its icon.

Alternatively, double click a suitable example. Replace its contents, add or delete some shapes to gain a nice P&ID instantly.

Open PID Drawing Page

Video Tutorial - How to Create P&ID

Add P&ID Shapes

From the left library, drag and drop P&ID shapes to the canvas. As you drag or move a shape, blue guidelines appear to help you align it with other shapes. -> Drag the green square handles to resize shapes. -> Change a shape's color and border by clicking any style under the Home tab in the Styles group.

Add PID Shapes

Change Radius of Pipe

Move the cursor over a pipe shape and then the floating action button will appear. Rest the cursor over the floating action button to show the menu.
Click to choose the radius you need.

Add PID Shapes

Add P&ID Contents

Add PID Contents

Change P&ID Theme

By changing P&ID theme, you can enhance fill, line and text style at 1 click.

Switch to P&ID tab, apply another P&ID theme.

Change PID Theme

Save or Export P&ID

Click Save under File tab to save as the default format. Choose Save as under File tab to save as other formats.

To save and share your files with more people conveniently, sign up your team cloud and upload your files there.

save as

Hit Export & Send under File to export the P&IDs as images, presentation slides and web documents and so on.

Export PID

Print P&ID

Click File tab; choose Print and then the print setting and preview window show. You can specify the print range and copies.

If the drawing page is larger than the print paper, the drawing will be printed on more than 1 paper. To print it on only 1 paper,
click More Print Setup... and then choose Fit to.

Print PID

Download P&ID Software to Create P&ID on Mac

Download Mac Version Download Windows Version Download Linux Version

Click to view some nicely designed P&ID examples.

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