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Pre-drawn food processing symbols represent blender, colloid mill, cross-belt separator, beer can, beer bottle, filter system, grain silo, mixer, hopper, separator, etc. Vector symbols help develop accurate and presentation-quality diagrams and documentations.

For users who need to document piping and instrumentation diagrams or process flow diagrams, here we provide a large range of vivid P&ID symbols and illustrations, which can greatly save your precious time and enhance your efficiency. This page presents a group of food processing symbols together with some simple instructions on how to use them.

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Food Processing Symbols

The following picture shows a screenshot of the food processing symbol library in Edraw. It has a comprehensive collection of vector P&ID food processing shapes. You will find concentrate dispenser, colloid mill, cross-belt separator, beer can, beer bottle, filter system, sanitary air filter, grain silo, mixer, hopper, separator, stainless steel blender, etc.

PID Food Processing Symbols

Filter System is a device that is designed to physically block certain objects or substances while letting others through.

Filter System

Stainless Steel Blender is an electrical appliance used for rapid mixing, pureeing, or emulsifying food or other substances, which is made of stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Blender

Grain Silo is a structure for storing bulk grain.

Grain Silo

Separator is a machine for separating materials of different specific gravity by means of water or air.


Lagena is a bottle with a narrow neck.


How to Use Food Processing Symbols

You can find the food processing symbols in Industrial Automation category of the symbol library. The shapes you've got are vector graphics, which are highly customizable.

Shape Scalable

Shapes are allowed to scaled up and down without loss of the display resolution. There is no blur image anymore.

Food Processing Symbol Size

Color Changeable

You are able to freely change filling colors to suit your own theme.

Tips: If you want to change the filling color for a part of a shape, first you need to select the sub shape. Click on the sub shape you want to change color for a few times until you successfully select it (there will be a blue selection frame), then you can change this sub shape with a new color, and with other parts unchanged. Or you can ungroup the shape first (go to Home menu, and click Ungroup button), and change the color for any sub shape freely.

Food Processing Symbol Color

Shape Separable

You are able to pull out the drawing components to create new symbols. To do this, first you need to click Ungroup button to ungroup the shape under Home menu.

Food Processing Separate Shape

To help you better understand piping and instrumentation diagram symbols, you can go to PID examples and PFD examples pages to learn from a wide range of examples.

Using P&ID Food Processing Symbols to Design P&ID

From the examples below, you will see how to use the food processing symbols effectively. With these excellent symbols, anyone even novices could make outstanding piping and instrumentation diagrams easily.

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