Organizational Chart Alternative to Visio for Mac

Is there an organizational chart program using on Mac similar to Visio? Edraw is a popular Visio alternative for making organizational chart and other drawings on Mac.

You can discover many org chart Visio alternatives for Windows, but only a few could also work on Mac. To benefit Mac users, Edraw has released a Mac version allowing users to create organizational charts easily on Mac OS X system. It has a similar interface as Visio, yet some features are even more powerful than Visio.

Organizational Chart Visio Alternative

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Download Org Chart Software for Mac

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Visio-Like Organizational Chart Software

Edraw is a vector based org chart maker containing similar features with Visio that helps easily design organizational charts with ready-made symbols and templates. The design process has been speeded and simplified by advanced tools and quality pre-made materials. The interface assembles Microsoft Word, thus very easy to understand. With this Visio like tool, users can develop professional organizational chart in a way faster than you think.

Comparison of Organizational Chart Features

Overall Comparison
Basic Organizational Chart
Photo Organizational Chart
Custom Organizational Chart
Organizational Examples
More than 50 examples
Data to Organizational Chart
$297 +
$99 +
Need pay to upgrade
Lifetime License is Available
User Manual
Video Tutorial for Flowchart
support windows
support windowssupport macsupport linux
Organization Chart Features Comparison
Automatic Connect
Change the Staff Type Dynamically
Support Free Mode Organizational Chart
Organizational Chart Layout
orgchart layout
Define Organizational Chart Field
define org field
Relayout Shapes Automatically
Import from Excel Data
Import from Text Data
Export to Data
Expandable Canvas
Fit to Canvas then Print
Edit Properties for Every Staff
orgchart staff property
Link Attachment/Notes/Comments
Team Cloud Collaboration
Export to SVG, BMP, JPEG, PNG
Export to HTML
Export to High Quality PDF
Export to Editable PowerPiont/Word/Excel

Why Edraw is a Solid Visio Alternative for Organizational Chart

There are plenty of valid reasons for why you'd want to use Edraw as the Visio alternative. Below is a brief sum-up:

Use the Software as Other Visio Alternatives for Mac:

You can use this Visio replacement not only for organizational chart, but also for network diagram, flowchart, mind map, floor plan, project chart, uml diagram, etc.

How to Create Perfect Organizational Chart On Mac

Organizational Chart can be easily created on Mac using Edraw. You can free download the trial version to see its powerful functions first. You will discover many practical organizational chart templates in the software, together with useful tutorial materials that help develop a perfect organizational chart smoothly.

  1. Start Edraw, open an organizational chart drawing page.
  2. The organizational chart symbols library will open automatically on the left, which contains lots of card shapes.
  3. Choose a card shape you like and pull it on the canvas. Add more shapes using the floating buttons on the shape.
  4. Apply a layout style from the Layout gallery under Organizational Chart menu.
  5. Double click on the default text area to type your own text in. Define more fields through Define Fields button.

Or you can save the employee information in a file, and by importing this file in the software, you can generate an org chart instantly.

When an organizational chart is done, many export options give you various choices to share your work in other formats.

Discover why Edraw is an excellent program to create organizational chart. Try Mac Organizational Chart Software FREE.