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How To Create an MS Visio® Flowchart

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 02/22/2022
Edraw Flowchart Alternative to Microsoft Visio Creator will do you a great favor to create an MS Visio Flowchart easily.

Microsoft Visio® , a versatile diagramming software equipped with all comprehensive Office suites for architects, engineers or project managers to create various types of diagrams. However, the price of MS Visio is comparatively high and quite a lot of users don't want to spend so much fortune on it. As a result, affordable alternatives to Visio become prevalent in recent years . A budget application - Edraw Flowchart Visio Alternative is one of them that will help you create an MS Visio Flowchart effortlessly.

This Visio Flowchart Creator allows you to design flowcharts of any complexity on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Furthermore, you can also export your flowcharts to Visio file format and share them with MS Visio users. That is to say, using this Visio Flowchart Creator Software, you can easily open, view and edit a flowchart in Visio format regardless of the operating system of your device.

How to Create a Visio Flowchart?

The very first step is to download a flowchart software - Edraw Max


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1. Launch Edraw, open a flowchart drawing page.

Go to File menu > New > Flowchart, and then double click Basic Flowchart to open a blank drawing page to start creating a Visio flowchart.

start creating a Visio flowchart

2. Add shapes and content.

To add shapes: library on the left panel of the program covers all flowchart shapes needed to draw a Visio flowchart, simply drag and drop them onto your drawing page.

add visio flowchart shapes

To add text content to a shape or connector: double click it, and then type. Click on any blank area of the page to finish typing. After that, you have completed a flowchart.

add visio flowchart content

3. Export this completed flowchart to a Visio format vsdx

Simply select Export & Send under File menu to export the flowchart to Viso vsdx format.

export flowchart to Viso

For more details, watch the following video tutorial!

FAQs about Creating a Visio Flowchart

1. Can I open my visio files in Edraw Max?

Yes. You can import your visio files to Edraw Max and edit them as you like.

2. With which Visio file format can Edraw Max be compatible?

Edraw Max is seamlessly compatible with .vsd and .vsdx.

3. How can I share Visio flowcharts with my team members?

All you have to do is share them through html links. By the way, your team members can edit your Visio flowcharts through Edraw cloud.

Discover More Visio Flowchart Examples

Select one of the following Visio flowchart examples and customize every aspect to fit your needs.

Logistic Flowchart workflow example Marcov Chain
Logistic Flowchart Workflow Example Marcov Chain
Dataflow Diagram Example EPC chart example Aircraft Crash Fault Tree
Dataflow Diagram Example EPC Chart Example Aircraft Crash Fault Tree

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